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Choose and Display the Right Attitude
The Right attitude determines your altitude. The choice is personal and you need to make a decision today for this change. You need a 360 degrees transformation to change your story to success. Choosing right attitude leads to better relationships, promotion at place of work, success in business, solid relationships and attracting the right people in your circle

Determine and Act on the Right Priorities
Life is full of choices and zillions of competing priorities. Develop  a habit of saying no to issues that add no value to your main goal. Delegate what can be done by your juniors and focus on the best priority. Plan yourself today and let’s meet at the top. You cannot be everything neither can you be everywhere. Avoid to be people pleaser as this is recipe for terrible failure.

Be conscious of What You Eat and Follow Health guidelines
Yes, you are what you eat and your body is vital to you. Just put some effort to make it better. If you are above 40 years, it becomes utmost important to verify what you eat and what you do. Health living is mandatory in the world we are living. Find out where your greens comes from. Do not just buy and cook. Food tracing  is going to be a very vital activity in coming days. Where I work,  we are doing organic farming to improve  the health of our people This will help you know what you eat

Communicate with Care
This is the beginning of healthy relationship. Good communication means healthy social life that reduces Depression tendencies. You need a peaceful mind at all times. Just use good words. You receive what you give. Practice & develop good thinking Thinking is the origin of all global innovation and creativity. Create time to think and you will see the solutions you will offer to our society. Personally, I spare 20 minutes to just think & plan every day . This has given  birth to books, businesses, mentorship  lessons,  talks  plus more support to the society through one of the biggest foundation in Kenya

Make and keep proper commitments
Be authentic on what you plan to do. This is not easy and sometimes  is very costly to keep your word. I committed  to be FB live every Friday and I can assure  you its not that easy. We have however  done  it by the Gods grace. These shows are always available on George Wachiuri YouTube Channel

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