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To run a successful business requires one to stay motivated, and refuse to give up or to be demoralized. Most business people are discouraged by usual day to day happenings in the organization, for instance,

  1. A client who is unkind and hostile on their communication, the client can write a dreadful email in the morning, a bad telephone call or even walk to the office just to make noise. It is vital to know that this is work and you need not to swim on client awful mood. Retain your cool and handle the client well
  2. The team member may be wasting time in the office yet presenting the face of piety when reporting to the supervisor –  It is vital to train and coach such staff to remain focused and buy the company vision
  3. The tax man may come for audit impromptu –  It is vital to remain compliant at all times and if it happens comply with taxman and do not give a bribe
  4. Failure to meet target set – Ensure that such variances are explained and also covered by next quarter.
  5. Unseen mistakes in business – when you fail, do not moan – rise up, dust yourself and move with speed
  6. Unfaithful staff that goes for leave never to return – Ensure that staff are motivated and feel part of the organization. Give them power to make decisions, craft a good commission structure that no one can pick them when you just trained them
  7. Wake up late and all not working – As a business person, it’s good to wake up early, plan your day and have a good smooth day
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