• Good habits – Ensure that you have habits worth emulating; a leader is a role model, check how you talk, walk, dress and associate with others.
  • Regular goal creating – create goals daily, implement them and gauge yourself on your performance every day. Always carry a note book or use your phone to expedite this goal.
  • Engage on self improvement – read a book every month, read a chapter or two daily. Dedicate one hour daily to read books. These books could be motivational, memoirs, biographies, etc
  • Take care of personal health – Health is a great gift, exercise every day. Make this a habit, do it daily including Sunday. Do not give any excuse at all
  • Making time for relationship building – Business is network, people buy people. Make time to visit people, to console them, to feast with them and soon you will have great network of friends. If you are in social media, comments of peoples issues, like, share etc.
  • Do things in Moderation – Do not overdo things, do not read a newspaper for 3 hours, do not be on social media half of your day, do not go partying whole night, whole week, etc. Life is basically doing things on moderation, be planned and grow wealthy
  • Get things done – do not procrastinate, do things on urgency and remembers life is short and no time to waste on earth. Do it and do it now
  • Keep positive outlook – Never agree to give up. Look up at all the time and have the positive way of looking at things. Positive people attract others like a magnet, be that magnet
  • Regular savings – save 10 to 20% of your income. Do not give an excuse of the current earning as you only save what you have. Make it a habit and you will retire happy. Pay now and play later. If you do not, then you will pay later in life and its very painful
  • Reject self limiting thoughts – Attitude changes everything, refuse all the negative thoughts. Have a great self talk on yourself. Decree and declare great things when you wake up, Say it and say it loudly. Declare that you are a millionaire; you are going to have a great day etc. There is power in confession.
  • Living within means – do not use what you do not have. Do not borrow loans to spend. Borrow loans to invest and multiply your wealth. I always have this principle-I do not give loans to people who are not in my circle. Simple they do not pay. If I give, I do it as a donation. Build your own circle and when you borrow, payback.
  • Do more than what is required – create work and do not wait for your senior to allocate work for you. Treat what you are doing as if it’s your own work.
  • Limit TV watching – watching TV or Reading newspaper can lead to time wasting. Wealthy people create news and poor people watch those news. You now know where you are. World over wealthy people read business news and not political rhetoric
  • Talk less – God give us two ears so that we listen more and talk less. This will help you build relationship. No one wants to spend time with a chat box. Now you know why we have clubs for who is who in your area.
  • Do not give up – life is full of challenges. If these challenges comes knocking, do not give up. You need to read my book “soaring like an eagle” you will understand what I mean. I did 15 business and they failed terribly, some left me broke financially, socially and mentally. I did not give up. If I did, I could not have won the prestigious award “Overall best Mid- Sized companies Award 2014/15″and”Best real estate Company 2014/14“. The thing is, we learn lessons when we fail. Failing does not mean that we are failures
  • Spend time with like minded people – fly with eagles and you will be an eagle, move with chicken and you will be one. Choose your friends and DO NOT allow to be chosen. Make your own choices and you will fly like an eagle.
  • Find a mentor – Have someone you talk to, share with and someone who can correct you when you are wrong.

Success is predictable and can be copied. Just do what successful people do and you will be one soon