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Happiness boils down to your outlook on life. It is also determined by the quality of your relationship and very basic amenities like good governance and good utilization of community resources. Happiness is never determined by the amount of money you have, properties that you own or investments that you own. How do you unlock the happiness with you?


  1. Be Optimistic – be always grateful for the things that you have. Always view the glass half full and not half empty. Set your mind for success at all time. Refuse to be pessimist.
  2. Follow your gut – Always do what you feel right. Be careful not to disobey your gut feeling otherwise you might regret. Story- One day I had this meeting at Hilton Hotel and I was very happy to get a parking next to Kencom. When I parked, I felt that something wrong will happen, I was in a hurry so I ignored my gut feeling. When I came back, I was shocked. My car had no single headlight. You can imagine what I felt given that I had a wedding to attend the following day! So, always obey your gut feeling. If there is this Man who proposed to you and you always feel as if he is not the right man for you, please drop him very quickly and wait upon God to give you the best Man for your life and Vice versa
  3. Own yourself – like yourself, like your personality, your voice, color, nails, etc. Remember there is no one else like you. You are unique. Be proud of yourself and have no regrets.
  4. Make enough money to meet you current and future needs –  I always advise young people to invest and also keep the saving culture. Join investments groups, Chamaas and come to Optiven and invest in real estate. It’s only in real estate that you invest, go to sleep and wake up a millionaire. Do just do nothing, log in and see what is available You have the best opportunity to invest by installments up to 36 months. You are also guaranteed genuine investments from genuine company and genuine people at Optiven. Wake up and Open your eyes. The youth have got 50 Billion available from the Ministry. What are you doing about it? Have you visited the Huduma Centers for advice.
  5. Treat your body like it deserves to be happy – always get enough sleep, eat right and be physically upright. You need your body to keep doing all what you want to do in life.
  6. Stay close to friends and family – do not be a lone ranger. Regardless of what earthily materials that you may have , you needs friends and family for social support in your life o earth
  7. Be compassionate – always do something kind to someone else. This may be people you do not expect any return nor recognition from them. Make a difference in someone else life. Do not be selfish and life is temporary for all of us. Do your best when you are alive.
  8. Like your job –  Like what you do. Do not complain that your boss is giving you to much work. Be grateful that your boss has work to give you otherwise you will be sent home for redundancy
  9. Forget – do not carry burdens over the years. Make your hear light by forging all the people who wronged you. You also wrong others and you are forgiven too
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