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Without growth, redundancy sets it. This is why we move from being children to teenagers to adults so that growth can have a purpose. Growth has been defined differently by different schools of thought. Generally, it is the ability to learn new skills.

Then after getting the new skills, we get the ability to put the skills to work. What a great opportunity to take this up as a great new challenge! That is real growth. Growth has also been said to be the potential to improve our skills.

Here are reasons why growth is important

  • Once you growth, you become not only relevant but a solution provider. The world is unkind to those with problems but generous with those who bring solutions.
  • It improves your capabilities thus the need to be intentional about growth.
  • It enables better time management especially considering that time is a rare resource.

How do you improve your growth?

  • Set achievable goals by elevating and talking about your tangible goals – Don’t confuse movement with results
  • Stretch yourself and break the eggshell so that life can come out from the inside out – Change comes from the inside out.
  • Get feedback – Feedback enables us to grow. Learn that feedback makes us better, refining us to be like gold.
  • Network brilliantly extraordinarily – Courtesy respect and good relations with others is key.
  • Always be listening – Be open to new ideas in order to grow

What are the killers of growth?

  • Short vision – Live as if you are not going to die
  • Dishonesty – Using shortcuts to get a certain result
  • Fear – People will always have opinions which lead to rejection, abuse and other negative responses. Expect them and act accordingly.
  • Poor relationships – These will cost you because they give power to negative environments.

The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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