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In life everyone wants to be excellent regardless of age. When at work it is a choice to be good at what you do. Excellence is a catalyst for corporate excellence. Excellence is quality of being extremely good at what you do. WHY is it important?  Excellence improves your performance. Ask yourself how to improve your performance to be complete

How to achieve excellence

  • Strong desire. Have a strong desire for excellence. Otherwise what you hear will be like a bell
  • Make a blueprint. A blueprint is also a Strategy and used for a long term. Every long-term goal has a plan
  • Believe in yourself. You are the best version of yourself and don’t wait for people’s approval. Don’t be a walking shell, just there.
  • Learn from the best. Most people are fake but if you learn from the best you become the best. Collaborate for better results and target the person better than you.
  • Work hard. Be consistent in your pattern. Nothing comes easy, create time for what is important.
  • Don’t give up despite life being full of bumps and challenges. Have the right attitude of not giving up. Find alternatives.

Killers of excellence

  • Unproductive networks
  • Ineffective meeting
  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Lack of direction
  • Finger pointing

George Wachiuri is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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