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Highlights on How God respond to our prayers.

  1. Total Silence – Request denied. He does so when He knows what is better for you. Psalms:102
  2. God can say Yes but wait….request granted buy still processing.
  3. God can say Yes but be part of the answer ..For instance, we pray about ethnicity and God can ask that your daughter be married to “that tribe”, you desist from tribal posting, stop killing someone just because of religion, etc. God is looking for obedience. God is asking you to cut that rope.


  4. God can say Yes but give you different results…. You could pray for victory but God brings you battles but after fighting battles you come out a victor.
  5. GOD can say YES it’s done….. Ensure that you are ready for results. Some people pray for wealth, spouses, great investment etc. Once you get the blessings, you dissappear from the church never to be seen.
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