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Housing is part of the Big 4 and several opportunities present themselves looking for available investors to pick these hanging fruit.  Here are three ways on how diaspora can be part of this:

1. Invest as a group
We have several Saccos, groups and adhoc conglomerations of optimistic individuals who have focused their eyes on investing in Kenya.  I happened to be part of Optiven team currently touring and meeting groups, individuals and families in America & Europe and I can confirm that there are great & wonderful things diaspora are doing, though silently. Our partnership with diaspora  clients  is not only selling value added plots but also letting, managing, leasing, construction, advisory and selling their property on their behalf.

This is the solution that many have been looking for over the years. Optiven as a social organization is doing this in line with its bigger vision of Economically and Socially empowering and transforming the Society. We have partnered heavily with our esteemed diaspora communities & this will increase & solve housing deficit in Kenya. We have seen groups  buy values added plots in bulk with vision of building  affordable houses for sale

2. Investing as a limited company

The Kenyans  has opened up impressively to register companies in USA  and a branch  in Kenya. Many are pleased  that registration of companies is taking less time than before. Many of the diaspora owned  companies  recognize  that  housing option requires land and funding. We have noted  the formation of  Special purpose Vehicles (SPV) meant to Seize the opportunities.

During  Optiven investment  tour, these  opportunities  were discussed where Optiven offers value added land (with water, sewer system, power, solar street lighting and  greening) and  diaspora  registered companies offer finding to set up homes in various counties. This will boost government target of 500, 000 homes. It will certainly be a game-changer and we hope more Kenyan companies can be able to replicate this. These are opportunities that all can Seize.

3.    The Dynamic power of Diaspora Saccos:

There are over 70 saccos in the Diaspora. These saccos are ripe to jump into the available opportunity of coming up with thousands of Homes in Kenya. These saccos need not to buy land as this is putting members’ money to extremely high risk.  Sourcing land in Kenya is more worrying and difficult than actual selling. Such risk need to be borne by experienced companies like Optiven  and others.

For instance Optiven  have been in business for 20 years now. Such company  are   able to absorb the risks involved. For instance, if the land become questionable, it is possible to swap or it is possible to refund. Having  this is mind, saccos need to partner with companies like Optiven to deliver  serious  projects  that offer Kenyans thousands of Houses

During our tour, this was discussed and we look forward to partnering with more saccos to help make the Big 4 agenda a reality. Optiven now heads to St Louis Missouri for a big Event on Saturday 28th and one on one from 29th July to 1st August, we head to Atlanta to support massive KWITU Event and thereafter to North Carolina to  push the Big 4 agenda.

George Wachiuri is an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, a Motivational Speaker and the CEO, Optiven Group. To get more details on how you can invest with Optiven Ltd

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