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The new year is here with us and the outlook exudes exponential growth for the prepared. As Optiven turns 21 years in real estate, we have a great opportunity and a superb choice to grow further.

This year is one of excessive favor in real estate, the strategic business units and the Foundation. Optiven as a leading brand is set to provide major opportunities just like a mustard seed multiply employment opportunities. The Optiven Foundation will not be left behind as it seeks to leave a transformative footprint in far-flung counties.

All these are great and achievable if we apply The 5 Tenets of Guaranteed Growth

    • Change – Our attitude towards the brand and it’s affiliates is important. This calls for the need to own the company individually. Our behavior, conduct and values will also lead to growth. Discipline will lead to performance and growth.
    • Focus – The focus on what is vital is necessary especially amidst too much information and noise. In the case of Optiven we focus on going borderless, going paperless, appreciation for our colleague, customer focus, and team enhancement.
    • Planning – For anything you don’t plan for you are planning to fail. I recommend a yearly plan to follow up and the end result is success.
    • Impact – It is said that impact outlives our actions thus it’s necessary to leave a positive impact.
    • Thinking – Critical thinking advises the outcome of what we do. But for growth to occur, rewire your thinking and embrace a mentality of abundance.

In conclusion you can write your story with an open outlook to correction, learning and in the end, make yourself better. How? By being bold to face new challenges, knock new opportunities and be selective in your associations and decisions. Happy Growth!

The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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