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  1. You are Gods best – Love yourself today and just know that you are unique, you are special, you belong to a King. Wake up and declare good things to your own life and your family.
  2. There is light at the end of the tunnel –  Do not hate yourself, do not judge yourself harshly. You are important person with a great purpose. Mine that purpose and start working towards it. You are a giant within you. You can become what you want to become in life.
  3. Do not devalue yourself based on todays situation or environment – You may be broke, devorced, jobless, sick and depressed today but it does not mean that it will be like that tommorrow
  4. Keep your eye on the goal, keep the vision, keep trying, when you fail- try again and again – That is the secret of life. You may be one step to your success
  5. Have a strong will to live – Have that power to move on. Have that optimism to face today and the future. Generate that power. Stop negative thoughts, stop that scarcity mentality, stop that selfishness within you. That is Not from God. Change your ONLY life today and live in peace with yourself. It’s possible to do it.
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