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Dear Fans, Many people die with all what God gave them, they refuse to speak out their thoughts of creativity in the name of keeping quiet and fear of making mistakes.

They suppress the dormant thoughts until they go to the grave. When they die, nobody notices them. It’s as if they sneaked to the earth secretly. You were born to live out loud, express those thoughts and change the World. Do not hide the good things that can transform the World. Some thoughts:

  1. Share your dream -if you express your dream the world will believe it and you will also belive in it.Dream Big, keep your dream simple and make that dream interesting. Be all you can be.
  2. Speak out your great thoughts – the religion, friends, relatives ,your boss, your haters should not put a lid on you. Write down your thoughts across media, your journal , forums etc. As you speak, you belive it more, it’s more clear in your mind. As you speak you impact other people. I am a good Facebooker and I have converted many silent Kenyans from their quiet lives to be investors, great thinkers, authours and some have even started their own businesses.   If you visit our investment website  , you just feel like you must own a property. If you visit the charity website  , you feel like you must help someone. On charity you need to see those items that you do not use and deliver them to our offices at Barclays Plaza, 14th floor. These will help someone out there.
  3. Be like God –  God created the earth and waters and He was pleased, the seventh day he rested. It was well documented that He saw it very beautiful. As you create document, share videos, share Facebook comments, let us see those beautiful thoughts. I love the directors of Tassells Dairy Farm, these young couple talk about their dream of having 10,000 daily cows in coming months. They talk about it and they are not ashamed. I did visit they usually give all the information openly. They don’t just talk, they create opportunities. They currently have over 1, 000 cow. If you are out there bring out that dominant thought and do something to change the World. My dominant thought is to do over 20,000 low cost houses in the next 7 years across counties.

I talk about it so that I am accountable to my 70,000 fans. I do not want to die a thief of those houses. If yiu read this article you must comment “I REFUSE TO DIE A THIEF” Do not die a thief of those many ideas you have. Do not die a thief. Step out and make the world a better place. A challenge you STEP OUT!!!! DO NOT DIE A THIEF!!

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