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Good morning my great fans. Let us thank God for giving us yet another Day. This is a priceles gift.

  1. Do it yourself – A friend of mine was sharing with me on how he started a TV Station called YOUTH TV.  He explained to me how in the the first one year he was the designer, producer, photographer, youth mobilizer, accountant and he was literally everything. He had difficulties but today his digital youth TV have got hundreds of followers. Yes, you can start something and do it yourself. I personally have done it and it works.
  2. I challenge you to start and you will see how creative you can be within you. In fact you are already a resource by yourself. You are a human capital so you have the capital right now. Make yourself flexible and turn your dreams into action, activities and eureka, you will be doing business transactions.


  3. Work from home. Wah! You are asking, George HOW? Yes , it’s possible, where you sleep at night can be converted into an office during the day. You save on office rent, government licences since you already paid house rent. I remember I used to be a car agent and all what I required was Internet and a list of my friends like you. I was seating in my small room making serious contacts and I was selling right in my small four walled room. My office seat was actually my 3 X 6 wooden bed. The business grew to an extent of Opening my own car yard in the city of Nairobi.

Yes you can do it. If George did why not you? Do something, Do not cry that there are no jobs, oh I lost my job, economy is tight, I am just a form four etc. Please forget about excuses and do something right where you are. It’s possible to create something.

Follow me tomorrow as I cover the next four secrets on how you can start business with little capital.

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