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  1. Work on your mental capacity, read a book per week. Build up your home library and develop a reading culture.
  2. Read for 2 hours daily…. George Wachiuri, how can I get 2 hours and life is extremely busy and demanding ? Let my fans drop a line to the readers on two hours recovery strategies…
  3. Listen to the CD, You tube in your car, house , phone, etc…select a good topic for a period. It could be leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc
  4. Attend seminars organised by top motivation speakers, such as Kigwa Stephen, Mbugua Mumbi, Eric Kimani, Dr.Wale Akinyemi, Patrick Wameyo
  5. Read great blogs, follow great and influential people on twitter, FB, Instagram, pininterest, etc


It is said that most people only use 10 % of their brain capacity and only 5 % who use the right brain (used for creativity, intuition etc). Have a great day and promise me that you have made a resolution on reading culture.

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