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  1. Drive yourself to keep on keeping on. Do not quite even if you feel like. The best is just about to come.
  2. Always strive to gain more courage to endure. Yes, you can make it. Refuse to be discouraged. Do not agree to those negative voices from your friends. Do not seek advise from people who are negative. They will drain all your energy


  3. Your persistence is your believe in yourself. Love yourself, go to the mirror and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you are Gods best on earth. Walk like a King/Queen. Have self confidence. When you are down. Wake up and go. Do not stay there. ..oh…I am JUST A FORM 4….so what? Go to college and pursue your education. I am Just a graduate in sociology. ..Do your masters . ..NOWADAYS THERE ARE NO JOBS….go out there and do something, volunteer, get your friends and think of an idea, do a proposal and go to uwezo funds and get money to trade. BUSINESS IS NOT DOING WELL…what? It’s not business, it’s you. .create time and think of other strategies of your business growth. ..Check out and listen to a self made billionaire Richard Branson (how he started in 1970s. ..Virgin music recording somewhere in downtown. ..
  4. Persistence is self discipline in action, self discipline leads to self esteem. Self esteem leads to success in whatever you touch

I wish all my fans a great day. May this day bring great tidings in your life. Make a resolution today to be a better person in your life.

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