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Self made millionaires create several revenue streams and I would like you to consider a few examples;

  1.  If you are selling your products in retail consider doing wholesale – Look at greater market, open up your mind and take advantage of open borders, rapid population growth, county government opportunities, seize the oil and gas dollars awaited to flow in the next few years, the billions to be spent on railway construction, etc
  2. Create affiliates to sell your products –  Just to give my own example, I authored a book “soaring like an Eagle” and decided to put it on and guess what? The sales are amazing. I sold over 100 copies for the first 5 days. Though the book is dedicated to charity, I am glad that the proceeds will send many needy children to school. Try the same strategy and it will work for you. Put your products or services on Olx, eBay and others and you will earn passive income


  3. Offer consulting for a fee –  If you are a great designer, you could train more designers for a fee. If you are a great farmer, offer coaching to other upcoming farmers. Just apply this to your field of expertise.
  4. Speak for income – Many people are gifted with great speech. Use that gift to uplift people, to encourage, to give hope and to raise the morale. Charge for it and the numbers of attendants will surprise you. I will be your Client and i am ready to pay.
  5. There are many others ways of earning extra revenue such as farming, carbon credits, creative writing, online advertising, Authoring e-Books, etc. Do not stay idle, do something. Use your brain to think on how to create. Say no to laziness, train your brain to think.
  6. Be a master of your body and order it to act. You are a machine that can change the world. Order your life today and be an asset to the world. I personally refuse to be a liability but an asset.
  7. Decree and declare today that you are an asset to humanity I wish you a pleasant mind that will create millions of opportunities in your life. May these opportunities create alternative source of income for you.
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