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Over the years, I have been engaged in numerous media interviews and one of the most common question has always been: “What Keeps you Awake“. My answer has constantly been “creating 30, 000 jobs by the year 2030“. Now what is keeping me awake has hit the inner me when I see looming Job losses in coming days.

I am a member of KEPSA and I am aware of the true effect of Covid-19. Other than the flue itself, the true Covid-19 effect is making many leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses owners, employees, to lose sleep, skip a beat while trying to figure out the consequences of this pandemic?

Covid-19 has rendered the entire globe to stand still and look at the skies for help. The true help will finally come from God, the Almighty Himself. That’s why I entirely supported the recent National Prayers Day held at Kenya’s State House on 21st March 2020. We thank President Uhuru and the people of Kenya for that bold move.

So, the question on everybody’s mind and lips is thus: How can we cope with this scourge?

Three things that we must do:

1. Say no to ignorance
Keep yourselves updated with the right information, avoid too much incorrect information and follow the Government’s directives such as; Staying and Working from home and keeping the best hygiene practices. While at home, spend time with your family, with your children and get something positive to do, to help you rediscover self. If you are employed; create work for yourself and keep your employer updated.

Do not be gloomy because of the current half pay or no pay due to this pandemic, as this is just a temporary bump. Be glad you still have a job to keep.For entrepreneurs and businesses people, keep in touch with your customers. Make difficult decisions to safeguard the health of your staff. Spread the message of Hope to them. Lead by example.

2. Indulge in Prayers
This is the best time to pray like Daniel of the Bible. Pray 5 times a day. Write down your prayers, jot down all your requests to God so that when answered, you can remember to thank Him. Many challenges have been overcome through prayer and fasting.

3. Find something to do
The lockdown is only on physical movements and not in the mind. You still have capacity to do stuff. You have energy, emotions, and relationships to take care of. This is the time to connect with yourself. While at home learn a new skill online. It is also a time to blog – like I am doing now, and it is time to be innovate. Just do something. Create an online awareness on the current challenge as long as you do not scare people.

Let us not lockdown our minds let us keep dreaming in the middle of this crisis. Calamities like the current one, offers us and our future generations, new opportunities, if positively viewed. Start being creative right now – Don’t forget to let me know the next big thing that is being generated, through your positive thinking.

Thoughts by

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group

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