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Property, your best investment choice. Property investment is planting your money and watching it grow. This in the only invest that you commit and go sleep and wake up richer.Remember there are two major types of property investment in Kenya:

  1. Long and Middle Term Investment: You can purchase property with a view of getting capital growth (This is any increase in the original amount you invested)if the property is sold for a gain
  2. Short Term Investment / Property development: Alternatively you can purchase property directly with a view to developing it and settling or either selling it for a good margin

Let us take you through Long and Middle Term Investment:
Choosing a long term investment property is a completely different choosing a Property for immediate development. A long term investment in property is simply investing for the future.Long term property investment is cheaper and therefore provide a higher yield. A successful investment in property means buying the right place, at the right price, at the right time.


So when you’ve narrowed down the locations you’re interested in, research the state of the property market in those areas. Keep an eye on vacancy rates, sales prices and rental rates. Look at the interest in the area, the current population growth and the projected population growth.

  1. Location
    Visualize the area in a few years’ time. Check on the demographic advantage around this property. For example buy land where there are beautiful scenic views in future this is the next big suburb.
  2. Development
    Appropriate to the demographic profile of its location. For example, if you live near a university where there are many students, units might be an appropriate investment. “Infrastructure follows development”- The right time to invest is before the infrastructure comes knocking. That is an opportunity of being a part of the next big commercial center.
  3. Land availability
    Low availability of land places upward pressure on prices over the longer term. Every day our population is growing at an alarming rate. If you wait you might either miss out or by the time you chose to invest the price for property investment might be way above the roof. Invest now and reap in future.


Silver Gardens- Kitengela: An Optiven Limited Project. This project is 3 years old. When the first clients went for the sight visit, they met two lovely ostriches and saw a couple of antelopes. The price per 1/8 acre plot was KSHS 350,000. Today the place has grown. Electricity, running water and good roads. Those who invested today never think twice when they hear of investments. Today a plot at silver goes for KSHS 825,000 per 1/8 acre plot.

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