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Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 18, 2020

A Winning Environment

In almost all that we do, we like being among the winners. It’s the way they secure the win, the near-heroic feats that allow them to come out on top, the hours of hard work, dedication and discipline that make them a winner. They are the ones we look up to, from the athletes we idolize to the hard-working entrepreneurs we admire.

Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 27, 2020

Take a Discovery Trip into the True You

The current you may be struggling right now. You could be currently doing badly in your career or your business or your family life; even maybe going through a depression, but despite your current situation, the true can still emerge. This may take some time and a little effort, but you will surely arise; like a huge volcanic mountain, and everyone will be astounded by your majestic prominence.

Investment, Advice and Commentaries April 17, 2020

The Place of Hope in Crisis – Optiven’s Approach

Popular American poet Emily Elizabeth Dickinson once said this about hope – It is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words — And never stops at all. Despite the fact that the world is going through a tough patch courtesy of the current Covid-19 Crisis; the world is anchored on deep confidence that this temporary crisis, just like all other preceding crises will go away.

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