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People behave differently when they hear about money. It is a source of stress for some while for others it provides happiness. It has seen spouses disappear from their families while others disrespect their significant other. Overall 70% remain respectful when they received money.

What you have today will determine what your future will be including leaving an inheritance to the generations. The joy of the generations is based on dividends arising from your money decisions.  Plan appropriately now that you are working. Equal chances, time and opportunities are available for us all.

Rules of investment and laying down your foundation.

  • Law of investing – Be prudent about your Investment and don’t be in a hurry to decide
  • Law of Accounting – Track your money to know it’s value by being accountable. For example rent should be 15% of your salary.
  • Law of Budgeting – Budget in advance to guarantee peace of mind. Consider even the surplus and what you will use it for. Check what is a priority and match it with expenditure. Consider needs versus wants and prioritize the former.
  • Law of Contentment – Live with what you can afford. For example if your lifestyle is maintained by 50% of your salary, it will be a struggle.
  • Law of Debt Management – Loans are good but ask yourself what you want to achieve with the loan? Be purposeful about the decisions you make including in money.

Geoffrey Muturi is an Associate Director Finance  in  Optiven Group

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