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It is the end of the year, and just the other day we were happily wishing each other a Happy New Year.  Well, let me start by saying that it has been a great year for all of us at the Optiven Group and now this is the time for Thanksgiving.

We are especially delighted to have served customers across the different projects in our portfolio in real estate and to have touched numerous lives across the country through the Optiven Foundation. In that time, I am also humbled to have received a number of accolades as an individual, courtesy of the Optiven family and a few that have gone to Optiven Real Estate and Optiven Group Foundation.

All this would not have been possible were it not for the great support that we have received from the Board of Directors, Board of Management, staff, customers, partners and other stakeholders that have held our hands as we socially and economically empower and transform the society.

Optiven Global Office Launch – Karen

It is also in this year that we have seen a shift in the portfolio of Optiven Real Estate projects where we have expanded the bracket to bring our customers extremely affordable projects as per their request.  I am happy to advise that these projects have received great uptake including the incredible sell-out of Malindi Breeze phase 1 and 2 – all of which sold out just days after being launched.

We are also happy to close the sales of older projects such as Victory Gardens in Kitengela and Success Gardens on Gatanga Road as well as the premier project of Amani Ridge, The Place of Peace in Kiambu.

Our investors took up these projects with ease, some currently completing their instalment payments for the same while others are either building or currently living on the projects as is the case with Amani Ridge The Place of Peace in Kiambu and Victory Gardens in Kitengela. To our investors and partners, we say a big thank you.

Our real estate arm was also exuberant in matters to do with issuance of title deeds where different teams were at hand to walk the investment journey with our customers upto the time of handing over the golden document of ownership which is the title deed.

Title Deeds Presentation at the Garden of Joy – Kangundo Road

Yes, it is this year that hundreds of title deeds were disbursed to over 15 countries in the diaspora including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom – not forgetting a number of African Countries. Am happy to note that with the engagement of the diaspora, Optiven will upscale it’s service to this market by offering great service from the Optiven Global office that was officially opened on 10th November 2022.

As CEO am grateful for the many accolades that have been bequethed to me. Of course the awards are a result of the different roles and contributions made by the associates across the Optiven Group – meaning I recognize the role our staff play in making the team a great success.

2022 Awards

We look forward to an extraordinary year in 2023 where we are ready to offer you solutions towards realising your investment goals in real estate. As the Chief Executive, I am confident that we shall rise to higher levels, and achieve more than we have in the past for the good of the company, it’s staff and all stakeholders.

We are keen to walk this journey with you as Optiven, because the core of what we do is all about settling people in their homes, and at their pace.  May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Optiven Group, to wish you a blessed festive season ahead and look forward to a prosperous 2023, full of God’s blessings.

George Wachiuri,
Chief Executive Officer
The Optiven Group

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