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The art of happiness has been a subject of discussion for as long as the human race has been in existence. Many continue to search for happiness as though it was some secret treasure that is buried beyond some far off mountains.

But truth be told, your happiness might be closer to you than you may have thought – so close that it might just as well be buried within you!

Here are 8 ways on how you can easily achieve happiness in your life:

  1. Create time with your God: Connect with your God every 15 minutes when you wake up. This will give you the Grace that you require to step into the world with no hang-ups.
  1. Invest in physical exercise: Create a habit of exercising at least every 15 minutes after waking up in the morning. It is imperative to invest on your physical body. Physical fitness translates to good health and by extension, a blissful spirit.
  1. Enjoy reading inspirational books and materials: Make a habit of spending at least 15 to 30 minutes per day, reading inspirational materials that will fire you up. Remember, you become what you read.
  1. Plan your day and all your activities ahead:Write down an executable to-do list and make sure that you have evaluated what you have achieved as well as what you have not achieved. Remember, ordinary people do not plan, good people plan but great people plan and execute.
  1. Invest in your Health: Your health is your wealth, eat well and avoid skipping meals. If it is within your means, invest in a good nutritionist in your life to guide you through matters healthy eating. A proper eating habit saves life.
  1. Invest in your relationship: Apart from your work relations, also spare quality time with your close family members. Positive relationships build a positive attitude that manifest itself everywhere else you go.
  1. Invest your time wisely:Time is the greatest resource that you will ever get. The way you spend your 24 hours will determine your success while in this world. Plan your time as though you will never see tomorrow.
  1. Have a Vision and be true to it:Write your vision in bold letters – so does the good old book say. Be clear on both your short term and long term goals. Do not just flow with others; they may be headed towards a direction that is opposite your vision.

Ultimately, your levels of happiness will not be boosted by your expectations to be indulged by others but rather by your higher levels of bounteousness.

George Wachiuri is an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, a Motivational Speaker and the CEO, Optiven Group. To get more details on how you can invest with Optiven Ltd. Kindly talk to us via 0702 831083 , 0738 831083, Email;  Website:

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