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The world today dictates that you have to be on top of your game, or else you will be easily edged out.

Here are 7 solids ways to be ahead of the pack:

1. Treat All People with Dignity
Being good will cost you nothing, valuing people is indeed a free investment that will ultimately earn you a sure ROI.

2. Be Passionate with Whatever you do
Love what you do and go for it will all your zeal. Your passion will help you raise more energy, productivity and satisfaction.

3. Be a source of Encouragement
Encourage other people to perform better. Lift others up and keep affirming them, to cheer them up.

4. Tap into your imagination
Listen to yourself, listen to the deepest thoughts that are buried inside you, listen to those little whispering ideas and imaginations. Also, listen to your colleagues, to those around you, for everybody has a huge capacity to think. Tap into those thoughts.

5. Bring Purpose to your Existence
Why are you here in the first place? Why do you exist? Get out of yourself and reevaluate the real purpose of your existence. Once you know your ‘Big Why’, you will certainly become a much better version of you.

6. Share your Knowledge
It is dangerous for you to die with what you know. Kick out selfishness. Share your knowledge, share opportunities. Identify those who are in dire need and share with them. Here at Optiven, we continue to learn the art of giving, through our Charitable arm, Optiven Foundation (Check:

7. Be consistent. Be predictable. Be fair
Always be reliable in terms of your output and don’t allow those who depend on your output to second-guess whether you will deliver or not.

Thoughts by:

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group
Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300

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