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Life is full of obstacles that tend to either slow us down or even stop us all together from attaining our desired goals in life. But here is the thing; you can decide to quickly surmount the barriers or you can decide to just sit there and mourn days on end, about how you have been clamped down.

How then, can you break from barriers that may limit you from achieving your full potential?

1. Break from your comfort Zone

One of the reasons why we seat pretty in our comfort zones is because of the many fears that we possess. Someone once noted that FEAR is an acronym that stands for: False Evidence that Appears Real. Break away from fear by going beyond the normal.

2. Go Beyond Limitations

Take note on those capacities that you feel you have not explored about yourself and try them out. You will not lose anything by trying out something new in your life. Chances are, you might just be surprised how good you are at a new thing. Try it out, as long as it’s legal.

3. Go Beyond the Past

Often, past success is irrelevant. In the same breath, your past failures do not mean you will fail tomorrow. Try better ways of doing what you always engage in, without being clouded by your past glory. You must just be surprised how much more you can achieve!

4. Go Beyond Excuses

Here is the thing; he that is extremely good at throwing excuses right, left and center, is probably good at nothing else! Stop being a professional excuse giver. Avoid justifications that have no end and march on towards your goals.

5. Stop Pleasing People

One of the surest ways to fail in life is when you decide to keep pleasing everybody that you meet in life. Learn to have a stand, even if your position does not synchronize with almost everyone else in the entire room! Be distinct and learn to please your goals and objectives, as opposed to pleasing people. Only then will you shine like a morning star!

Thoughts by George Wachiuri 

A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man, an award winner of African Business Personality Award 2018 by Voice Achievers, Netherlands and CEO of Optiven Group

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