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Owning properties is a desire of many as the benefits are countless for instance, it is a way of building equity, taking care of retirement, earning passive income among other benefits. This has activated many to purchase real estate. At Optiven Group, we have see a bigger segment of women buying more than men.

Some women buy without involving their spouses. They do not want to let their husbands even know about it. In many instances we have these ladies appointing their children as the next of Kin. We respect their privacy all the time.

In some instances women buy properties alone as sometimes their men are apparently not serious on investing, they say their husbands are short-sighted and do not focus on the future. Others have got a view that husbands just want short time happiness like going out to drink and having fun with friends.

Others fears that their husbands will curtail them from personal investment vision. Others say their investment goals are totally different from their spouses. With all these, a woman will take a bold step to invest alone without involving the partner.

This trend is dangerous for families as it might cause fights, bedroom wars and resentments when the other spouse discovers the secret investments. We had one case where the spouse discovered and a family issue arose. It was by the grace of God that they later agreed and the man let go on that secret arrangement to move on for the sake of peace.

My advise and what we are doing to alleviate such

As Optiven, we find this as a big challenge in the future and we have been rewarding those families that invest together. We have lately organized fully paid holidays to Mombasa for those families that invest together.  This has changed many individuals so much such that even some spouses have now been disclosing to their husband’s on the investments.

We are currently running such a campaign – Dinner with a Lion in Maasai Mara for those who buy Optiven properties by investing in cash. This might be a great solution.  We also organize parties on site and we give free ticket to couples to attend. My advise is to have couples invest together. The family that plans together stays together.

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