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A high achiever is said to be someone who looks to the future. Such a person often takes a project and turns it around positively. Additionally, they also take a vision and turn it into a reality. A great achiever is the one that makes a plan and turns it into action.

What are some of the characteristics of a High Achiever?

Action Oriented
They are action oriented rather than story oriented. They translate positive intentions into tangible results. They are movers who test the ideas that work. These are the people that figure out what works and replicate it.

They can transport themselves to the future in their mind. They create clarity of what the future looks like an act today to translate that into reality.

Have a Laserbeam Focus
Their focus is clearcut and achievable in that they do not adhere to rabittism. The Russian proverb sumes it up well.
“if you chase two rabbits, you end up catching neither”

They do it even if they do not feel like it. How? By reading, exercising, being innovative, taking initiative, whatever it takes to get the job done, they will do it. This is the epitome of responsibility.

They are the owners of a winning mentality. This starts with a positive attitude. They are always ready to represent the brand they work for. They are custodians of a can do attitude, and as victors will do mentality as they work with passion, take ownership and take full responsibility. This is unlike victims who wait for others to work for them.

The author, is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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