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Under the guidance of its new administration, the University of Nairobi (UoN), led by Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Gitahi Kiama is on a mission. This leading University in Africa has a key role to play towards acceleration of the country’s industrial development.

That is the reason why the University has made a deliberate effort to engage its top Alumni, and through this, seeking to have workable partnerships that will have a positive impact on students, as well as create a strong academia and industry linkage.

One of the first Alumni who was just hosted by this leading institution of learning is Mr. George Wachiuri. As a leading light, this CEO of Optiven Group, a leading real estate firm in the region, has much to offer, as far as academia and industrial linkage is concerned.

“Under the Vision 2030, Kenya is on a fast lane, quickly accelerating towards becoming a newly-industrialized, middle income country. Nine years on the dot to this self-prescribed deadline, we must, as a country, adopt serious strategies that will help us attain our industrialization goals. Luckily, we have all it takes. I believe that academia and industrial linkage is extremely important towards the success of our country,” said Mr. George Wachiuri.

On his part, Prof. Kiema noted that by accelerating the relationship between academia and industries, institutions of higher learning and the County at large stand to acquire tangible value.

“The success of major institutions of learning across the World is always entwined with the involvement of its Alumni, and here at the University of Nairobi, we look forward to enhancing our relationship with those who have been molded through this institution,” said Prof. Kiema.

Mr. George persued his studies at the University of Nairobi, undertaking an undergraduate degree in commerce – marketing option. It is during his time as a student at UoN that he developed his business acumen, even going ahead to be bestowed with an award: The 1997 Entrepreneur of the Year, University of Nairobi (UoN). This award was to later become a magnet that has now attracted numerous other awards his way.

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