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We all live is an environment that is full of massive negativity and this has brought about untold depression, stress, hate, inadequacy, fear and discouragements to many. I call this, going down the hill. I am here, to encourage you to climb uphill, no matter the challenges that you are currently facing.

For you to start going uphill, you need to have high self-worth, a positive purpose of life and to keep on the track of consistent self-improvement. You can do this by helping others in your small ways, by making yourself better and encompassing determination, consistency, positive thinking and hard work.

Having noted this, now allow me to give you 7 tips that will halt your downhill trend, these strategies will enable you to start climbing uphill towards your success.

My thoughts are borrowed from a book I am currently reading: No Limits by John Maxwell. Here we go:

1. Energy Capacity
This is the ability to push physically. Rise up and work and change your life forever. Do not idle about expecting miracles to happen. Go ahead and start doing something positive.

2. Emotional Capacity
This is the ability to manage your emotions. How do you handle criticism, adversity, change or challenges in life? I admire those leading figures in our public, who after confirming their positive Covid-19 status are able to come out to the public about it, and use such opportunity to warn people that Covid-19 is indeed a real pandemic.

This is a great way of handling life’s challenges. What do you do when all is not well? Share with me on my FB wall (George Wachiuri FB official Page). I will review and you might win a free swimming ticket at this place (

3. Thinking Capacity
This is ability to think effectively. Everything starts with a thought. Nothing is limiting like small thoughts. Always think Big, start small and start now. This is a true life success. I look at the small beginnings of Optiven Real Estate ( and what God has done today and I truly know that you too, the reader of this article can also succeed 100 fold. It is only a matter of time. Just be patient, think, be positive, help people, and trust God and success will come knocking at your door.

4. People Capacity
This is ability to build good relationships. Always value people. I receive an average of 300 calls per day, I get an average of 1, 700 WhatsApp messages per day and 200 emails every day. I always try to respond to most of them though one great man, William Nagilae, one of the most trusted Personal Assistant in this world, always helps a lot on managing these communication and bringing me up to speed of issues that need my attention.

I thank him a million times for this. Regardless of this, I made a decision to keep in touch and value people. One way that I achieve this is through my FB live forums and blogging to influence and inspire humanity positively. Please take time and share with me on my wall, what you are doing to change the World to become a better place. Do you value others?

5. Creative Capacity
This is the ability to see options in all circumstances. There is always a way out even during this Covid-19 season. During the course of our real estate business, we have never sold as many residential plots like we have sold during Covid-19 and I was researching on this.

I discovered that people now want open spaces, green spaces, places with infrastructure and a place where children can enjoy an adequate and safe own compound. People are looking for places where they can freely walk around, like Amani Ridge the Place of Peace. Watch more here: Let me know if you have any new idea you have implemented during this season of Covid-19.

6. Production Capacity
This is the ability to accomplish results. It’s about keeping the focus and pursuing your vision. What is your focus, what is your business? This helps us take the stocks of life, stock of why we were born. Just do an audit of your life today and determine what you must change to climb the ladder of success. Although this ladder is always steep, with commitment and the right positive energy, you will easily prosper.

7. Leadership Capacity
This is ability to lift and lead others. You need to listen more, do more, assist more and give more. Connect with people today, share these life tips to all those you love and value, and share with those that you want to start loving. Post this on your wall, practice what I advise and we shall all surely meet at the top.

Thoughts by George Wachiuri

 A is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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