Dear fans, have you ever analyzed within you the potential you have? Have you ever set time to think how you can harness that massive potential? Look at a few thoughts that would help you to rethink, act and be intentional on utilizing your potential;


  1. Time – how do you utilize your 24 hours that God credit to you daily. Just take a pen and a paper and write down. Take a photo with your phone and send it to my email  I will look at it and advise you if you are utilizing your massive potential that God has given you. Remember that we all have 24 hours in a day.
  2. Network– do you have a database of your network, do you work with your network and how do you make the network work for you? How many people do you know well within your network? How do you behave when you meet people. I once meet a senior lady and within few seconds, She wanted business with Optiven Ltd Kenya. Also met another lady and, she was very keen to know what i do, She learn’t that we just launched our Foundation ( and she was ready to be part of giving back to society. This lady told me that she was a valuer and does a good job. Out of the two whom do you trust and give business? The first lady is driven by greed and she is a hunter. The second lady is a farmer and she is likely to get more business. Please be like the second lady.

I will share more on this topic in the next post. Stay blessed! Stay motivated, keep the focus and exploit all the potential within you. You can be what you want to be in this life. You have the master key within you. You are your own pilot and you have freedom to fly your height. Your success is limitless. The sky is the lower limit. Keep going! Network today with