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In a big way, the secret to our future success literally sits on the hands of our fledgling men and women who are currently in their 30’s and below. Optiven Group knows this far too well and that is why this Africa’s leading real estate firm recently took its time to empower youths below the age of thirty years in the United Kingdom.

The mentorship dubbed, ‘Bringing out you innermost potential’ was spearheaded by Optiven Group’s CEO George Wachiuri at the Revival Centre, Hollow Way, Oxford, OX4 2ND, UK. Some of the key topics during this forum included: ‘How to stay focused’ and ‘How to develop personal vision’. There was also ample Leadership counsel.

“This forum was extremely informative to the youths present. It was more about helping these young peoplein the United Kingdom to discover their full potential. We gave them tips on how they can discover their inner-most potential and maximize on it in life and in their various career paths,”said CEO Wachiuri, who was speaking at the side-lines of this unique event.

The event brought together youths from as far asOxford, Milton Keynes, Stratford, Coventry and Bedford. Wachiuri points out that successful firms across all industries should often spare their busy schedules to mentor the next generation of employees, managers and investors.

“If a firm is envisioning becoming a formidable force in the next couple of decades, then it must appreciate the drivers of that futuristic success by engaging these young people,” says Wachiuri.

Wachiuri has been passionate about empowering the young people both at home and in Diaspora. In 2015, he founded Non-Revenue generating Monthly Personal Transformational Talks (PTTS) Forums that he would conduct every last Thursday of the month.

This motivational forum has encourages many Kenyans to take up available entrepreneurial opportunities in the country. The program also mentors the working class on career development, maximizing on their potential. PTT is a networking venue aimed at creating opportunities for others.

Again, in 2016, Wachiuri initiated ‘Good to Great Talks’, which were geared towards encouraging, provoking & challenging individuals, professionals, and corporates, among others to consider helping touch the lives of other people in the Society.

These Talks saw the birth of, ‘Creating over One Million Entrepreneurs by 2030’ – an initiative that is already turning out well in Kenya.


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