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A good number of Chief Executives often gather at the greens of golf clubs keen on catching up on the week past and of course planning ahead for the unforeseeable future.  Then there are those who take the time off to travel for a holiday or visit with family or to read more, a book, a biography, a thriller or a motivation.

There are yet some in this group who instead hit the gym, visit their physicist or better still bake.  That is perhaps a glimpse in the life of a Chief Executive.  The picture is however a contrast when it comes to Mr. George Wachiuri!  The leading light at Optiven Group has been at it for 20 years, leading the most awarded Real Estate Company in Kenya to become a household name for matters investment in that particular industry.

With an unmatched passion for mentorship, an even greater zeal for transformation in the society, Mr. Wachiuri has continued to be the go-to speakers on all matters inspiration.  His gait is always at a pace, a warm handshake, a smile and a word for the season – an all-time expectation.

While his company has been an array of the high and mighty – and with proof for it – Dr. William Ruto, yes – the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, Mr. James Mwangi, yes, the Mwangi of Equity, Mr. Vimal Shah, that’s right – the guru behind the Bidco Success and a myriad others.

On this 15th day of March, Mr. Wachiuri paces in tandem with a calculated walk down a corridor at the Optiven Group headquarters at Barclays Plaza.  He has just got off a television interview with a top broadcast house – a common feature in his diary for the last few years.  His PA – a lanky gentleman with a similar gait and always with a pen in his left hand, hands him pointers on the expectations ahead.

Behind the PA is DJ Covenant, one of the youths mentored by Mr. Wachiuri and also a host for the #AskWachiuri show, a live presentation that is held every Friday from 3 pm. The PA grants a tidy 5 minutes for a quick Q&A with Mr. Wachiuri, ‘please keep it short, we are going live in five… ’ William sternly says.  I take the minutes to gather all I need.

Why do you invest your time on #AskWachiuri?

The place of social media cannot be ignored in terms of impacting the world.  Society has continued on a trajectory towards being addicted to social media so much such that it advises daily decisions on all aspects of life.  The power of social media is so well… powerful that in some cases it has meant a matter of life and death.  Key decisions have been made just by engagement through social media and for companies that are keep to make a difference social media then cannot be ignored!

Where would you place the adoption of social media space by Optiven Group?

Very high and I say that with all humility.  This is because we were awarded the best company in Digital Inclusion in 2018 and continue to impact many using this powerful tool.  We continue to learn and embrace social media being keen to do it in an extra ordinary manner and be of benefit to someone. 

What kind of people do you interact with on #AskWachiuri?

All kinds of people I would say because the session is not about selling plots.  We have those who want to improve themselves, others who want to make a difference in society, yet many more who want to just be a blessing through learning the lessons of life.  I have found myself sharing a lot about my own journey and the biography Soaring like an Eagle – and from the feedback, there has been a positive impact.

Any particular persuasion to advise the name #AskWachiuri?

Interestingly the name of the session was actually the work of our very vibrant Digital team!  Initially we were using #AskGeorge but realized this was cliché.  After brainstorming we settled on #AskWachiuri!  Perhaps the uniqueness of that name made it stand out advising why the name. 

In the nick of time, William walks in… time is up!  All is set and after a prayer, the Director of Production voice bellows…. Silence on set… going live in …. Three ….. Two ….. One… Its TIME!

Thoughts by:

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group
Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300 

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