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How do you manage time? Because this will determine your success. Time is like money and it can not be replenished. Take advantage of the time you have before it is lost. We all have equal time. Sadly the dustbin of time is not recoverable. How you manage it makes the whole difference. Regardless of where you are, there are those thriving in the same environment as others tumble.

    • How do you spend time? Take care of it
    • How do you plan for time? Without planning you plan to fail thus hopelessness creeps in
    • How do you manage time? The result of lack of management means you can’t manage resources, money or your influence.
    • How do you maximize time? Realize it is a scarce resource.
    • Ask for help with being orderly.
    • Prepare a time schedule
    • Monetize your time. Be careful not to be everywhere but nowhere.

The killers of time management

    • Self doubt by spending too much time worrying about yourself. Don’t doubt what you do. You will think but do nothing. Instead act instead of seeing a barrier.
    • Perfectionism doesn’t accommodate failure. Rejection from perfection nature leads to dejection and frustration.
    • Poor self accountability thus our inaction is a recipe for our downfall.

George Wachiuri  is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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