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Power outages in Kenya have become a major problem. They come at a time when we are watching our favorite TV program. Your phone could have lost charge, hence you are not able to recharge, and maybe leading to missing that all important call. You may have carried work home to work on your laptop but you cannot complete it because the laptop battery has reached its critical level and gone off. With lights off, staying in the darkness for long can be very irritating. Furthermore, it prevents your children from doing their homework, hence hindering their academic development.

Instalight Power Solutions offers innovative power back up solutions that will solve your power problems. We provide and install Inverters & Solar solutions which offer clean and reliable energy solutions. Our solution is an intelligent system that guarantees uninterrupted automatic power supply, thus no manual intervention in the event of a blackout. In the event that you have rented a house, there is no need to worry because it is very portable and you just need to call us to relocate it to your next residence. Below is a brief description of what an inverter is:

An inverter is an electronic power device that facilitates continuity of electricity when mains power fails. The inverter is supported by batteries as the power source. The batteries are charged by the Inverter when the electricity is available. When power fails the inverter converts the DC power from the battery to meet the AC power requirement of the User’s load.

An inverter has the following key elements

  • Mains Power sensing circuit: When the AC Power comes below 110VAC or above 280VAC or if there is a total mains failure, the system automatically switches to the back-up source of power.
  • Battery charger: A module that charges the battery when AC comes and prepares battery to give back energy in case of mains power failure.
  • Inverter (DC-to AC converter): A system that would convert the energy stored in the battery/batteries to give back-up power to appliances i.e. 230VAC 50Hz.


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