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I recently saw this anthill near Lake Bogoria in Kenya and deeply thought we could draw from it, some key lessons for our business growth

  1. Place all the fundamentals right –  If you place all the fundamentals right, there are many chances that your businesses will grow albeit slowly and steadily so that by the time you notice, your business’ foundation has taken 5 to 8 years.
  2. Patience is Key in building a business – The Ant Hill above has taken time to be noticed.
  3. It takes Team Work to Build an Empire – It calls for team work among the ants to come up with this kind of huge structure despite their size. As it is written in the Bible, Proverbs 6: 6-8, the ants work without supervision. Business calls for self-intuition, self-leadership, energy and a lot of inspiration from within. Do not do business for money as your main motivation.
  4. You require a good base –  Remain authentic to your business and develop relationships that support you. Look at the broad base on the Anthill and think about it. Knocking off the tip of this structure will certainly not the end of the ants beneath. They will re-build it easily since they have a good base. Cash flow problems is not the end, cost of funds, low market, harsh regulations will only be the tip of the ant hill.
  5. Business is not about competition –  The Ants are not intimidated by the stone house next to them. It’s about focusing on what your hands lay on to do. Just do it with passion.

Like these proverbial Ants that earnestly work to forage and store food in summer and autumn in order to feed on the stored food in winter.

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