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We have had an opportunity to discuss the topic of flourishing and its connection to favor.   While it is readily available to all, favour however comes with responsibility in order to flourish.  This responsibility calls of diligence as is the case when we sow and harvest.   The analogy here is that if one does not plant by taking action especially at the right time, then they have nothing to harvest.  So then how can we tap into favour in order to flourish?

Practice Excellence

Do this by working hard and have extra ordinary zeal in what you do.  Take time to learn from the best in order to be excellent. In addition to this, also build your will power by being strong enough to push on and not giving up in the face of an obstacle or a negative feedback.  In so doing you will realise that such opposition will help you to grow your will power.

Get More

In the case of a business venture, it is necessary to go out and get more investors.  This you can do by changing your thoughts on a certain business situation and also how you engage with the investors.  You can pitch by stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself and doing it with a touch of professionalism. The way you present yourself is a magnet for attracting trust and building networks internally with colleagues and externally with stakeholders.

Leveraging Networks

The saying that your network is your net worth still holds true.  The big question then is have you tapped exhaustively into the network that you have?  For example, your network can be a great source of business referrals but this is if your stakeholders are happy with what you do for them.

Open Forums

Create opportunities for engagement with the different stakeholders and at their convenience.   While Covid has changed the way we do things, it is now necessary to think out of the box.   In this case where meetings are not possible, use available technology to meet up with the different stakeholders and addressing their needs where they are.   The forums can tackle matters business, motivation, experiences or new products available.

Follow Up

While many are not able to follow up on the initial engagement with their stakeholders, those who do are more likely to get ahead faster and regularly.  After the initial engagement, how about you follow it up with a second communication and even better a call?  While at it be keen to hear out the customer by listening to them.  This is part of taking initiative and being a self leader.

George Wachiuri is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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