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We all have performance targets and many times we find that we do not achieve them. However, there are those among us who are almost always on target. So how can we push past your limits? We look at some of the ways we put limits on ourselves.

Low self esteem
Self-esteem is an important indicator of the performance which can predict present or future behavior and responses. In an organization or workplace an individual’s low self-esteem can affect the mental wellbeing negatively which can lead to stress, low productivity and loss.

Selfishness kills people when teamwork is critically needed to deal with work matters. In corporate teams, selfishness kills performance, projects, profits and possibilities. This persistent danger stalks organizations at every altitude. What may seem like innocent office politics ends up bringing down the largest of organizations.

Easy satisfaction
This phenomena often sucks the fun out of work and makes the team to work overtime. Not to mention, it causes unnecessary stress, and in extreme cases, can even destroy our surrounding relationships. Going hand-in-hand with procrastination, easy satisfaction fills any task with dread and prohibits our potential as successful individuals.

Giving up easily
Giving up easily is the leading cause of disability worldwide. One in five Americans are affected by this, with hopeless giving up being the most common problem. In the current work context, cases of people giving up easily are rising at a faster rate for millennials and teens than for any other generation. On the downside, many take an ad hoc approach to handling this situation and only investigate why a team member is performing poorly.With the above there is always a way out and that is to find how to push oneself against the limits.

Here are a few tips on the same

    • It is necessary to be disciplined and consistent to move an extra mile
    • Building super confidence in whatever you do is a step in the right direction
    • Try to find ways to overcome discomfort
    • Learn from mistakes and improve on weak areas
    • Get the right company that will propel you forward.

This you can do by choosing friends, mentors and influencers who are:-

    • Encouragers
    • Hand lifters
    • Recommenders
    • Correctors
    • Contented

George Wachiuri is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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