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We all have enormous individual capacities to achieve more than we can probably envisage. These abilities help us to set and achieve our objectives, to perform functions, to solve problems and to develop the means and conditions required to succeed.

Here are some 7 individual capacities and how you can harness each of them:

  1. The energy capacity: This is the ability to push on physically. You can harness this ability by eating healthy food. Next, you must purpose to establish a consistent exercising schedule. While at it, set realistic exercise goals and start small. You will keep improving from here.
  2. Emotional Capacity: This is the ability to manage your emotions. If you do not have a proper control over your emotions, you won’t have any control over your life, over your future. While at it, always remember that no one has the right to control your emotions unless you let them to.
  3. Thinking capacity: This is the ability to think differently and effectively. And there is no better way to harness your thinking capacity than immersing yourself in books. Develop a culture of reading at least one chapter of a book daily. This will help you to expand your world view.
  4. The People Capacity: This is the ability to build relationships. It is the ability to be warm. However good you probably are in your life and career, you will always require people around you in order to succeed. Learn to affirm those around you, to appreciate them and view them with positivity.
  5. Creative Capacity: This is the ability to see several options and find relevant answers. People who lack creativity end up being jealous and have scarcity mentality. You have an ability to come up with up to 700 ideas a day. All you need to do is to free up some clatter in your system and create a 20 minutes of meditation time daily. You can opt to have this me-time at a place that inspires you most. Be it a nature walk or even in your bedroom, early in the morning!
  6. Production capacity: This is the ability to accomplish results. In order for you to produce the best results out of your energies, a simple to-do check list might just do you the magic. It will greatly help you scheme out your priorities.
  7. Leadership capacity: This is the ability to lift others. Ultimately, leadership is not about positions of appointment, rather it is about the steering, the positive role you play to encourage others, to inspire others. It is about thinking beyond self.

Thoughts by:

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group
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