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The potential to grow your business into an empire that matches or surpasses that of great business magnates such as Jeff Bezos, Anne Mulcahy, Brad Smith, Howard Schultz , Larry Page is very much within your reach!

  1. Have a Mission and Vision: A ship without a compass will get lost in the deep seas. Take your time and come up with a clear mission, vision and values that will help steer your business to great heights. And while you are at it, hanging these statements on the walls of your premises’ corridors isn’t anything much. Rather, these are strategies that must be instilled into the hearts of all your staff and indisputably absorbed by all your customers and stakeholders.
  1. Define your Product: Let your product be Distinct. Let it have an unbeatable Unique Selling Proposition. Focus on a single product or service, and then market it, sell it, promote it. Do everything you can to increase sales of that one product or service.
  1. Create Systems: Professionalized operations systems that can outgrow your direct personal supervision are essential to your trajectory into a successful empire.
  1. Distinct Branding: Let your products/services have a special DNA. Your brand should speak for itself, without your explanations. This isn’t just about a well-designed logo (although it is also extremely essential) It is more about creating a distinct psychological connection (in the mind of your customers) between your brand and the service or products that you offer.
  1. Ethics: Many people who want to quickly get rich forget this key ingredient – Ethics. Great empires have great people who follow great ethics. Maintain high level of Ethics with your internal and external partners. The benefits of good ethics will be reaped for years without end.
  1. Hire the Right People: Get staffs that are better than you in their specific areas of competence. This means that all the aspects of your business will be handled by the right hands.
  1. Online Presence: Create an interactive Website that is too compelling for anyone who logs in. Let your website have a capacity to bring in many more customers.
  1. Have a LARGE presence on Social Media: Update relevant content on all the main social media platforms. Be actively present on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, LinkedIn, name it.

Once again, you have all it takes to become the next big thing in the World. Go for it without any apology.

George Wachiuri is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker and the CEO, Optiven Group. To get more details on how you can invest with Optiven Ltd. Kindly talk to us via: Mobile:  +254 702 831 083 , +254 738 831 083, Email; Website: ttp://

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