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Why is it important to be extraordinary when a majority are doing just fine being ordinary? When a staff member fulfils their job description to the fullstop without taking any other duty, probably because that is ‘someone elses job’, then they are being extremely ordinary.

It is said that an extra ordinary team player believes in something strongly enough to innovate, create, build, break, help, support, deny, accept, or decline an idea, product, or trait. … Their belief in their field of expertise and what they have been assigned to do, gives them the motivation, esteem, foundation and plausibility to inspire others.

How then can one be bold and extra ordinary?

    • Punctuality
      Be punctual in whatever you do. Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy. It also helps you establish your reputation as a dependable and consistent worker
    • Low Maintenance
      This means you are not pushed to do what you need by being a self starter and easy to manage. Self-starters are professionals who take initiative, can work without supervision and begin projects independently. They typically espouse various skills key of which is motivation. They are the go-to people when it comes to taking action without requiring additional prompting.
    • Natural Leadership
      While many aspire and are working as leaders, being a natural leader is a rare occurrence. Natural leaders are easy to spot as they are open minded, seek out other people’s opinions, offer counsel, are good listeners and often people confide in them. As a natural leader, others more often than not do follow your example because they are endeared by your excellence and positive attitude.
    • Ready for Action
      The opposite of not being ready for action is to be bored. People who are bored are susceptible to depression, anxiety, anger, academic failure, poor work performance, loneliness and isolation. Focusing on being productive isn’t always easy when you’re feeling uninspired or under-challenged. You can challenge yourself positively, improve your emotional intelligence, or reevaluate what you do.
    • Trustworthiness
      An absence of trust turns allies into enemies, and that makes it hard to get things done. Whether talking about coworkers or client relationships, trustworthiness at work is critical, and so you need to demonstrate that you deserve trust. Adapting to one’s corporate culture is one way to show trustworthiness to a brand.

What to avoid in order to be bold

    • Communicate Effectively
      Avoid using weak words in your communication but instead focus on delivering your statement. The Jerry Weissman while writing for the Harvard Business Review article, “Replace Meaningless Words with Meaningful Ones”, noted that it is important to replace weak, meaningless words with stronger ones. He talks about how a simple word replacement can change the impact of our overall communication and can make a difference in how our message is perceived.
    • Self Belief
      Seeking the approval of others has been found to be a bad thing as opposed to approving oneself. Self-belief is a person’s belief in their ability to complete tasks and to achieve their goals. Judging yourself to be capable of success increases your chances of actual success. Judging yourself as not capable of success reduces the chance of success. After all believing in yourself is the first step to success
    • Attitude
      In all you do avoid a negative attitude and instead embrace a can do attitude. African leading entrepreneur and mentor, Strive Masiyiwa says “Attitude determines your altitude, if you have a bad attitude, even if you are way up there, you will come crashing down, and if you are still trying to take off, a bad attitude, will keep you on the ground, revving your engines but going nowhere.”
    • Excuses
      Excuses are killers of vision and enemies of success. Quit blaming others for what you have not done. Aliko Dangote, the Nigerian business magnate and philanthropist says, “in whatever you do strive to be the best at it”.

George Wachiuri is a leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group.

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