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Class of 2023



Graduation is a time for celebration. It is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication and in this case, 6 months of vigorous mentorship. It is also a time for reflection and a time to look back on all you have accomplished. Today 15th September was a special day to celebrate resilience, consistency and ambition as the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship Cohort 4 were finally graduating.


The program run by Founder and Chief Executive Optiven, George Wachiuri, targets to empower entrepreneurs, start ups and MSME’s to grow exponentially, stabilise and help them empower more people. It allows direct interaction with George Wachiuri and Optiven business processes and at the end of the session seventy percent attendance guarantees graduation and that is why we are here today.


GMC Place Kitengela was the place to host all the graduates who finished the mentorship program and by 10am we set off. The graduates were excited and acknowledged the efforts of their mentor – George Wachiuri to take time off his busy schedules to guide them through their businesses. Most were overwhelmed as they had become better individuals both personally and professionally through this mentorship.


George Wachiuri in his capacity, congratulated all the graduates for the 6 month program that began in February and came to a close in August. “You have learnt new skills, made new friends and challenged yourselves in ways you never thought possible. Never stop learning and I am confident you will achieve great things with the knowledge gained.”


At the end of the day all the graduands become graduates adding a new skill to their portfolio as they celebrated with a meal.

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