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They Never Fail To Lead. Bold leaders lead. They set an example for the rest of their team to follow. They don’t expect more of their team than they do of themselves. Bold leaders are always in front exhibiting the commitment and the work ethic that shines the way forward.

They Are Never Lukewarm. Bold leaders are also people with passion. When their gut tells them that their mission is on target they explode with enthusiasm that carries others along with them.

They Never Tone Down Their Vision. Bold leaders always have grandiose plans. They think big. So big, that other people often don’t get it. Other people may try to persuade them to compromise their goals. But bold leaders cannot be swayed. Henry Ford said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”


They Never Break Commitments. Bold leaders are people who make commitments and keep them. They don’t let people down. They keep their word because of their core inner strength. They know that it’s a privilege to lead.

They Never Worry About The Headlines. Bold leaders know the real story. They know what’s in their hearts and minds. They know that when they’re successful they’ll attract all kinds of unwarranted attention. But they don’t let it cloud their overall purpose in life.

They Never Say Never. Bold leaders dream the impossible and accomplish the impossible. “Never” is a word that is not in their vocabulary.

They Never Need A Pat On The Back. Bold leaders don’t need a bunch of yes men (or women) constantly telling them they’ve got it right. On the contrary they want a team of rock stars who’ll tell them if they’ve got it wrong.

They Are Never Pessimistic. If there’s one clear thing you can say about bold determined leaders it’s that they are natural optimists. They are ‘half glass full’ not ‘half glass empty’ believers. They find the positive in seemingly negative situations. They have magnetic, authentic personalities. They always believe in having fun.

They Never Procrastinate. Bold leaders are action-oriented with a ‘let’s do it now’ attitude. They know that in our faster-than-ever society speed can be essential. He who hesitates loses.

They Never Sit In Judgment. They are so secure in their hearts and souls that they don’t feel the need to condemn those who have actively worked against them or failed to keep an undertaking. They are comfortable in their own skin. They don’t waste precious minutes harboring grudges or resentment.

They Are Never Narrow Thinkers. Bold leaders think big. They have visions. They have dreams. They use all the firepower in their arsenal to blast new initiatives and new strategies. They refuse to be cornered into small-mindedness.

They Never Avoid Challenges. They don’t shy away from confrontation. They prefer to tackle problems head-on rather than they let them fester.

They Never Worry About Appearing Vulnerable. Bold leaders are comfortable with who they are. So comfortable in fact that they don’t walk around with a protective shield. They’re open and authentic with those they lead.

They Never Stop Asking Questions. Bold leaders are inquisitive. They’re always seeking new truths; always wanting to learn more. By asking questions and challenging preconceived ideas they break new ground.

They Never Accept Defeat. Bold leaders know that there is always a way to a solution. Anything can be achieved with the right attitude, the right team and the right person at the helm.

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