We at Optiven Ltd will ensure clean environment in all our current and future projects, we commit to preserve the mother nature in whatever we do and at all times

  1. We shall plant more trees in victory gardens –
  2. We shall spare and create green parks in all our projects, we shall create some where non exists. We refuse to be greedy! This is not a dream but a reality. We promise nature that we shall remain friendly to it. We started with 10 acres at Sifa Gardens and we have completed 2 acres of trees at Imani Breeze in Kitengela –
  3. We shall not throw away plastics anywhere and any howly. We shall preserve nature in a small way and to the best of our ability
  4. We shall educate all our customers, staff, friends and general public on the need to take care of our environment/our mother nature. We shall set apart some funds for this through our foundation
  5. We shall not throw away refuse anyhowly. We shall have refuse bins inside our cars and in our projects. We shall remain eco- friendly at all times
  6. We shall reduce our printing this year.
  7. We shall reduce the use of firewood in the rural areas. We shall promote biogas.
  8. Our resolution for the year and moving forward is to be friendly to our mother earth-Environment