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Today’s world is moving at a super-sonic speed. A single day for the contemporary person can be as hectic as it can get. But amidst all the hustles and bustles of your work or business, it is healthy once in a while, to shut down and take a break.

According to a 2011 study published in Cognition,when one works on a given task uninterruptedly, chances are that you may easily lose focus and get lost in the weeds.‘In contrast, following a brief intermission, picking up where you left off forces you to take a few seconds to think globally about what you’re ultimately trying to achieve. It’s a practice that encourages us to stay mindful of our objectives,’ notes the journal.

Here are some of the ways on how you can switch off and revitalize:

  1. Go offline: Take a good break from social media and any other media near you. Go for holiday minus your gadgets, switch off every evening and enjoy your own company. Enjoy a car ride, free from texting or just off social media and you will experience a more fulfilling life.
  1. Walk or work out:  This will energize your body and by extension your brain. While in office take a break every 2 hours and move your eyes a little bit off the computer. Talk to your colleagues face to face as opposed to calling them or via computer mediated platforms.
  1. Cook a meal: Join the family in the kitchen and cook a meal as opposed to passing through the hotel. This increases your creativity.
  1. Read something for fun or go watch a movie: Just be out there doing something off your routine and this will surely give you a garden-fresh meaning of life.
  1. Just gaze at the open sky and do nothing: Take about 15 minutes, let your mind be blank for a while. This rejuvenates your mind in an amazing manner. Just try it today!

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