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I read this somewhere and it kept me thinking. Our brains can really imagine things, they can travel fast, sometimes mislead us. You have power to tame this, discipline your power of imagination. You can tune it with ease.

The power of Imagination;

  1. Imagination influence outcomes
    If you imagine yourself succesful, for sure that will be the outcome. If you imagine that people do not like you or people hate you or you no longer access the power you used to.This will lead you to immature decisions: For instance you could find yourself resigning from your job and quickly taking up other funny jobs with inferior organisations. You may have marital problems at home or even loosing or gaining for no good reason. You may end up punishing yourself on overthinking and having no sleep.It is good to have positive imagination. Do not kill yourself. The world is very sweet to destroy yourself. Be real.


  2. Imagination can help you create images which can be realistic
    When i was young, i always imagined driving a car, being a pilot and having a group of companies. These imaginations Am realizing them one by one and moving on. What are your images today? What are you doing about them? Do not allow anyone to limit you. Create time everyday to sit, look at the sky and start imagining. Let your brain roll. Let it roll all over and create those positive images. See yourself having a great spouse, a great wedding, having your business, graduating with PhD, driving your own car etc
  3. Imagination is the first step towards your freedom
    Free your mind from evil, selfishness, greed, etc. We have some individuals who get very agitated as they work for the employer who is progressing. If you find yourself behaving in such a way, the best thing for you is to start your own business or try your best to look for another job. Engage your mind on positive imagination at all times
  4. Increase Visualization
    Imagine yourself having properties. Take steps to search and log in to and see what we have. Imagine having your home, celebrating a degree, having bright children. Keep seeing the big picture. Have a cool blessed weekend

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