We are in a season that each of us must be counted in caring for the dramatic changes happening. No one is spared at this time. However we need to remember the thousands of people who need one Key basic need – food.

Let’s all of us check the three factors & make a conscious decision to Act:

  1. Opportunity: Do you see a specific place where you can make a difference? Join the Optiven Foundation (https://www.optivenfoundation.org) to be part of positive change during this season. Little by little, we will together impact a smile on many faces.
  2. Ability: We all have God-given gifts that enables us to do something about the current Covid-19 situation. Let’s just do it pay, pooling the resource by sending your support to 898630 A/c Hope
  3. Desire: Just step out and address the need. Make it your passion. Share with us that person that need support https://www.facebook.com/516128315184733/posts/1855423804588504/

“Eyes on the Community”
#OptivenSpreadingHope #WeShallOvercome