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The year 2020 is right here with us and we individually require good predictions as we relentlessly pursue the the year 2020 – that will run as fast as the year 2019.

These are my five predictions for the year for you and myself

1. New Beginnings
the year will open up new ways of doing things. 2020 comes with new thinking, doing what you do differently. 2020 is the year of fresh minds . You will find your new YOU in terms of your life, way of doing things, friendships, and health. This year is ready to propel you to your best desires. You need to pick MORE thoughts flowing from my mind in the early morning of 28th Dec 2019. My mind is clear as I share these predictions & how to flow and capture the predictions easily

2. Year of New Levels
2020 is the year of massive opportunity in your academics, relationships, family progress, career, business, political stability and you only need to state your level. You have options to state a mediocre level or a top notch success level that you desire. New levels are for smart workers, disciplined individuals, who make the best decisions, must have purpose in life and a positive mind that produces the positive emotions and decisions. These lead tobpositive actions, that produce positive habits. Positive habits produces positive character and that character gives positive destiny. The crowning achievement is a great legacy. Strive to have a positive LEGACY. Live a life of significance.

3. Breaking New grounds
This is the year that you will access the blue ocean, break barriers that have been slowing down your journey to success. You only need to set your mind on what you see , capture what you want to achieve, write it, review it and reward yourself when you achieve it. A planless mind achieves nothing and it only ends up gossiping through the mouth. *In 2020 speak less and do more.

4. Excess Favour
The year will be accelerated by more favour. Favour will be on YOU in the year 2020. How do you tap it? Start with a strong spiritual goal. You have capacity to determine how far you want to go spiritually. Year 2020 will be a good year for you to be propelled like a vessel being propelled by winds . This favour will enable you achieve more. To align with this favour, drop the meanness, selfishness and negative thoughts. Do away with competition mindset and only compete with yourself.b Always add value to others and to the world. The positive change you want will always start with you.

5. Year of Abundance
The year 2020 has enough for you and others. Take your basket and enter the rich Garden of 2020. Pick what you want. The garden has success, failures, optimism, pessimism, love, hate, joy, sadness, etcetera. It’s all upon YOU. Just pick what you want. Your choices will be seen at the end of 2020. As the author of this, I will be here to review the year with you. Take my weekly advise on my you tube weekly shows take my counsel on my blog  and Friday FB live

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George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group

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