How to Appropriately Manage our Mutual Friends on Social Media Spaces

Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 8, 2020

Social Media is one of the most positively influential tool in our world today. On the flip side though, I have observed that it can be used to spread hate, and unfortunately so. I have severally experienced many social media enthusiasts spreading some form of hate to their former friends turned foes.

Stay Home, Stay Safe; and Refocus on your Horizon

Investment, Advice and Commentaries March 31, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world into a situation that was unprecedented and has never been experienced by anyone during our lifetime. Experts say that the cycle could take about more than another 8 weeks to overcome and we trust God that it will end at least earlier than that.

Success with George Wachiuri

Success With George Wachiuri January 11, 2020

Adding VALUE to OTHERS is the Best thing in Life – Join the movement in 2020

Life is a gift, it is short, it has challenges galore and sometimes one may feel like giving up. Such situations have led to very many people committing suicide, engaging in drugs or just giving up, waiting for fate to deal with them.

Service To Humanity and Leadership to Humanity is a Humble Calling

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 26, 2018

It was extremely humbling to be recognized for Service to Humanity and Leadership to Humanity and to be awarded as African Business Personality Award 2018 By Voice Achievers, Netherlands – Asante Sana! This Award is not my Award but it is an Optiven Team Award.

How to Deal and Cope with Depression

Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 26, 2018

For the last 20 years, I have done mentorship to thousands of individuals across the globe. I have done inspiration talks in the USA, Europe, Africa, Dubai, South Africa, East Africa and parts of Asia.

How to Solve a Brand Social Media Attack

Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 25, 2018

There are three sources of brand Social Media attacks:

  1.  Dissatisfied customer(s)
  2. Competition
  3. Brand haters
  4. From the company itself: to mock up the risk-coping mechanism in real attacks

5 Prudent Ways to make use of Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace

Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 10, 2018

Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace is an ultra-modern Mini-City that neighbours Nova Pioneer School and Tatu City. As one of Optiven Group’s prime projects, it is located only 3.2kms off Kiambu-Kamiti Road and is easily accessible from Kiambu Road and Thika Super-Highway, via the Eastern By-Pass.

The six ‘Fs’ of Life that will unlock your year 2018

Investment, Advice and Commentaries December 29, 2017

Here are some quick goal-setting tips that can guide you towards a much more successful year 2018. They have worked for me over the years. I call them the six ‘Fs’ of Life:

How to Keep Your Business Afloat During this Electioneering Period

Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 25, 2017

Who said that electioneering period must be a bad omen for the business community? Far from it – Here are some positive ways you can adopt to keep your business afloat.

How to Grow your Business into a Gigantic Empire

Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 22, 2017

The potential to grow your business into an empire that matches or surpasses that of great business magnates such as Jeff Bezos, Anne Mulcahy, Brad Smith, Howard Schultz , Larry Page is very much within your reach!

George Wachiuri is Africa’s Best Entrepreneur – D.E.A.R Awards 2017

News and Events September 5, 2017

Trailblazing Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri is now the Best Entrepreneur – Africa 2017 – Diaspora Entertainment Awards & Recognition (D.E.A.R) awards.

Sharpening the mind – George Wachiuri Books Selling like Hot Cake in USA

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 15, 2017

The human mind thirsts for a good book the same way the sword yearns for a perfect grindstone, if it is to keep its edge forever as sharp.

How to start a business with Ksh 1,000

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 3, 2017

Some say Ksh 1,000 is not enough to start any business in Kenya, but there are several businesses, which thrive in Kenya that started with such small investments. The following are businesses to start with Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 5,000 in Kenya

How To Make Business Work

Investment, Advice and Commentaries March 4, 2015

Have a written plan

  • Vision
  • Few Write ups on specific objectives of the business
  • Strategies, financing, sales plan, cash you need to get things done

Stop Carrying Emotional Baggage!!!!!

Investment, Advice and Commentaries February 2, 2015

This is how you can immediately change your life for better.

Social Media and Business

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 24, 2014

Social Media is an interaction among people where they create, interact, share, exchange information, ideas, pictures, videos in a virtual communication and network.

Situations that successful businesses people undergo

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 18, 2014

Doing business is not child play and one mistake can bring you down to square one. It is good to have a role model whom you study from a far and learn how they run successful business empires.

How to stay motivated

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 5, 2014
  1. Get Rid Of The Poverty Mindset
  2. Do Not Allow Money To Motivate You
  3. Surround Yourself With Millionaires
  4. Shift Focus From Spending To Investing
  5. Work Like A Millionaire


Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 1, 2014

Importance of Giving thanks God – Optiven Devotion with Bishop Phillip Katutu

  1. When we give thanks to God we appreciate His mercy on us.
  2. Gods favor is all powerful- God needs to be thanked at all times
Investment, Advice and Commentaries September 3, 2014

Potential within you

Dear fans, have you ever analyzed within you the potential you have? Have you ever set time to think how you can harness that massive potential? Look at a few thoughts that would help you to rethink, act and be intentional on utilizing your potential;

  1. Time – how do you utilize your 24 hours that God credit to you daily. Just take a pen and a paper and write down. Take a photo with your phone and send it to my email  I will look at it and advise you if you are utilizing your massive potential that God has given you. Remember that we all have 24 hours in a day.
  2. Network– do you have a database of your network, do you work with your network and how do you make the network work for you? How many people do you know well within your network? How do you behave when you meet people. I once meet a senior lady and within few seconds, She wanted business with Optiven Ltd Kenya. Also met another lady and, she was very keen to know what i do, She learn’t that we just launched our Foundation ( and she was ready to be part of giving back to society. This lady told me that she was a valuer and does a good job. Out of the two whom do you trust and give business? The first lady is driven by greed and she is a hunter. The second lady is a farmer and she is likely to get more business. Please be like the second lady.

I will share more on this topic in the next post. Stay blessed! Stay motivated, keep the focus and exploit all the potential within you. You can be what you want to be in this life. You have the master key within you. You are your own pilot and you Read More

Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 27, 2014

Space of Generosity and Collaboration

The world is changing, the environment is volatile, opportunities are more than ever before and the World of tomorrow is for risk takers and those who want to jump to the train of Go Getters (G.G) How do you achieve that?

Share information – gone are the days when businesses had trade secrets. This is out of fashion in the 21st century. The information is all out there. All of us know the secrets to success. It’s good to share our experiences so that others don’t repeat the same mistakes that we did. I have personally started, managed and run over 15 personal businesses, i have terribly failed in many, i have done many mistakes and many times slept under stress, i have lost millions. I use my experience to advise my fans, my friends and general public. I usually share a lot in my blog It is through information sharing that we build each other. It’s a good way to caution others not to fail.

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  • Document Milestones – many-times other people read, narrate and emphasize our life milestones when we die. In fact other people do it since we are lifeless. I challenge you to do your own memoir. Let us read about you,
  • Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 23, 2014

    Everything You can Imagine is Real

    I read this somewhere and it kept me thinking. Our brains can really imagine things, they can travel fast, sometimes mislead us. You have power to tame this, discipline your power of imagination. You can tune it with ease.

    The power of Imagination;

    Imagination influence outcomes If you imagine yourself succesful, for sure that will be the outcome. If you imagine that people do not like you or people hate you or you no longer access the power you used to.This will lead you to immature decisions: For instance you could find yourself resigning from your job and quickly taking up other funny jobs with inferior organisations. You may have marital problems at home or even loosing or gaining for no good reason. You may end up punishing yourself on overthinking and having no sleep.It is good to have positive imagination. Do not kill yourself. The world is very sweet to destroy yourself. Be real.

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  • Imagination can help you create images which can be realistic
    When i was young, i always imagined driving a car, being a pilot and having a group of companies. These imaginations Am realizing
  • Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 15, 2014

    Time – The Scarce Resource

    Time is the scaciest resource on Earth and maybe in Heaven. It’s very important and critical to manage it extremely well. It is highly perishable. It’s worse than ripe tomatoes, once a day is over, it’s over for ever and ever. It is not reversable even if the queens daughter comes down to Africa. Secrets to use it for success and what i call efficient personal time management includes:

    1. Have personal goals – Write them down, carry them with you. Classify them as social, family, business, career etc. If you have no written goals, sorry you are destined for a serious challenges. Rise up and have your goals today!
    2. Have To Do List on daily basis – Write them a night or day before. Activities done earlier are somehow recorded in your subconcious mind. This will make it easier when you are executing them. Do not allow your diary to be plain like most of you including you. List things to do for the day, articulate them well and in very good hand writing. Refuse to be carefree, careless and visionless whereby you do what comes by who ever and whetever time. This is dangerous in your only life. You do not have any other life. Please organize your life. Be a better person! You can do better! Start TODAY!
    3. Prioritize the activities for the day –  You need to know what is important and urgent. A report to your boss is urgent and important. It is very good to know what is urgent. Do not spend your precious time doing trivial many.
    4. Delegate –  If you are a career person or a business person like many of us , and for instance you earn 1000 shillings per hour, Do not waste your time polishing shoes, washing your car, washing your clothes. You can get these services with Less than 50 shillings per hour.
    5. Balance your life – Ensure that you create time for your family. Spend time with your children. At Optiven L Kenya we developed a culture of closing the office at 6pm latest. This gives our people enough time to be home with their families.To join the team…see the current openings on our careers page –
    6. Meetings –  Ensure that meetings have got agendas. 70% of time is usually wasted on meetings.
    7. Key result areas (KRA) –  Know why you are on payroll, what are you employed to do. Always avoid usual gossip, walking aimlessly to other staff work stations. The bottom line. Know why you are in that organization. If you perform dismally, you will go home alone. Be yourself and spend your time very wisely.

    This article is created as result free thinking and from usual Read More

    Catchy Phrases August 15, 2014

    Catchy Phrases

    Your Thoughts – “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is” Proverbs 23:7

    • You become what you consistently think you are
    • You are your own mindset
    • The key to your life transformation is your thinking
    • When you change your mindset, you change your worldview
    • You will rise as high as your predominant noble thoughts or descend as low as your debilitating thoughts – by Anthony Gitonga- Best selling book ” Mindset Shift” it’s a must read book


    Comfort Zone is Read More

    Investment, Advice and Commentaries August 4, 2014

    How to Negotiate a Property Deal

    It is a higher wish of every individual to own a property one day. As you actualize this valid dream, it is very important to know how to negotiate. I would like to share my experience that I have gained for over 15 years in Business in Kenya, Africa

    Have a Shortlist of Properties
    It is very vital to have a shortlist of preferred properties. Identify the location, neighborhood, accessibility, amenities, security, Read More

    Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 21, 2014

    How God respond to our prayers

    Highlights on How God respond to our prayers.

    1. Total Silence – Request denied. He does so when He knows what is better for you. Psalms:102
    2. God can say Yes but wait….request granted buy still processing.
    3. God can say Yes but be part of the answer ..For instance, we pray about ethnicity and God can ask that your daughter be married to “that tribe”,
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    Talk to George July 11, 2014

    Talk to George

    Do you have comments, reviews, words of encouragement you want to share with George? Fill in the form at the end of the comments below

    Photo Gallery July 11, 2014

    Investment talks to Hibiscus Investment Group – Serena

    It was amazing talking to visionary, dedicated, self motivated and focused investment group at Serena. The group has a great vision to enter into a serious business in coming years. The group will be able to add value to our Economy, employ more Kenyans and give back to the community. Special thanks to the Chairlady Madam Glory Kiogora, Joseph Mutinda, Rosemary Mugambi, George Kimaro, Daniel and Damaries and the able investment Chairman Patrick Mwirigi.

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    Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 11, 2014

    Inside you is full of seeds of greatness

    I am glad to confirm to you that you were well designed for success and for massive accomplishment in your life. You are specifically engineered for great success, yes, I mean it . Inside you is full of seeds of greatness. Wah! My advise for today;

    My advise for today;

    1. Plan your time – do not allow nature or circumstances to control you. Be in charge of yourself. Be the real you.
    2. Acquire new knowledge
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    Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 4, 2014

    Real Estate Opportunities in Kenya

    Kenya as a Country is land of massive opportunities, it is destined for great progress, lately we have seen investors from Germany, China, Israel, Turkey and many other countries flocking to Kenya to Zero in on real estate Opportunities available. We as Kenyans need to open our eyes wide, see these opportunities and seize them. We have key real estate niches that one can pick and build a business empire like no other; These include:

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    Book Launch Invite July 4, 2014

    Soar Like An Eagle Memoir Launch Invite


    I take this opportunity to humbly invite you for a fabulous book launch at Hilton Hotel on 8th August 2014 from 6.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Your presence will be highly appreciated!   As you may have noted on other media, all the proceeds for this book will be channeled to Charity focusing on Education support to needy Children.   During this event, Optiven Foundation will also be launched. Come ready to Eat, Dine and be thoroughly entertained. Secure your booking today by paying Dinner fees   as indicated on the card. You will also go home with a copy of the Book “Soaring Like an Eagle”. This book wills inspire you for the rest of your life. We shall also have a guest speaker who will motivate your life going forward. Yours SincerelyGeorge Wachiuri  Dinner Charges + Book copy =  Ksh 3,000  (  Payable by  Mpesa to 0722-260 357 )Deadline for payment 25th July 2014

    Please fill in the form below to reserve a place

    {aicontactsafeform pf=3|use_css=3}.

    Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 24, 2014

    Kenya’s oil deposits can run her for 300 years

    JUST HOW MUCH oil deposits could there be in Kenya ?

    According to an analysis by the prospecting companies- Tullow oil and Africa oil of Canada- perhaps enough to run the country for 300 years. Or enough to run the US for 18 months. Bloomberg reported that the two oil drillers, who first discovered oil in Kenya’s rift valley basin only last year, now say the 450 KM long basin could hold 10 billion barrels- enough to run Kenya for 300 years!

    Consequently, the oil Read More

    Photo Gallery June 23, 2014

    Delivering a Speech at KYEP Graduation Ceremony

    I love the Zeal, determination and resilience of Kenyans . They have been able to listen to my presentation for two and half hours. LYP members, guests and fans . I value you greatly

    Please Click on Thumbnail to see a larger photo


    Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 23, 2014

    How Nairobi can save Ksh 50 Million a day

    It’s possible to save 50 million a day in Nairobi alone if these projects are implemented

    Revamp the railway transport and adopt new stop overs Expand major roads Upgrade Nairobi Outer Ring roads ( 10 billion approved last year by ADB bank). We need to see work start. Eng. Kamau, we are waiting. This will open East lands in a big way. Property market will sky rocket, rentals will go up. New frontiers will open up such as Ruai, kbc, kantafu etc . No wonder property developers want a piece in Kangundo road. Get your piece at our project called Blessed Gardens check it on Lusaka road, enterprise road, Likoni roads , Ring road, quarry road are all going to be dual carriages. We thank European Union who gave us approximately 4 billion yesterday (17th June 2014).Our government will contribute 1.5 billion to make the project come to a success. Wah! What does this mean to business. We are going to see a boom. Our workers will be able to arrive to work early, we will see more productivity and more businesses along these highways. Definitely the average drive speed will go up currently, the speed for driving on cbd is 40km per hour. We may achieve higher speed. More savings on fuel and less theft of side mirrors as no slowing down on highways. If you are my fan take advantage and find out more opportunities in those areas.

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  • Extention of General Waruingi road via Juja road to Thika Superhighway. There will be cycling paths, and foot paths.
  • Lusaka and Mumias road will also be done.
  • KeNHA has been allocated 1 billion to create additional lanes towards road junctions which is cheaper than over passes and flyovers. …KeNHA update your site so that we know which junctions are these.
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