Sharpening the mind – George Wachiuri Books Selling like Hot Cake in USA

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 15, 2017

The human mind thirsts for a good book the same way the sword yearns for a perfect grindstone, if it is to keep its edge forever as sharp.

How to start a business with Ksh 1,000

Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 3, 2017

Some say Ksh 1,000 is not enough to start any business in Kenya, but there are several businesses, which thrive in Kenya that started with such small investments. The following are businesses to start with Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 5,000 in Kenya

How To Make Business Work

Investment, Advice and Commentaries March 4, 2015

Have a written plan

  • Vision
  • Few Write ups on specific objectives of the business
  • Strategies, financing, sales plan, cash you need to get things done

Stop Carrying Emotional Baggage!!!!!

Investment, Advice and Commentaries February 2, 2015

This is how you can immediately change your life for better.

Social Media and Business

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 24, 2014

Social Media is an interaction among people where they create, interact, share, exchange information, ideas, pictures, videos in a virtual communication and network.

Situations that successful businesses people undergo

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 18, 2014

Doing business is not child play and one mistake can bring you down to square one. It is good to have a role model whom you study from a far and learn how they run successful business empires.

How to stay motivated

Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 5, 2014
  1. Get Rid Of The Poverty Mindset
  2. Do Not Allow Money To Motivate You
  3. Surround Yourself With Millionaires
  4. Shift Focus From Spending To Investing
  5. Work Like A Millionaire


Investment, Advice and Commentaries November 1, 2014

Importance of Giving thanks God – Optiven Devotion with Bishop Phillip Katutu

  1. When we give thanks to God we appreciate His mercy on us.
  2. Gods favor is all powerful- God needs to be thanked at all times
Photo Gallery July 11, 2014

Investment talks to Hibiscus Investment Group – Serena

It was amazing talking to visionary, dedicated, self motivated and focused investment group at Serena. The group has a great vision to enter into a serious business in coming years. The group will be able to add value to our Economy, employ more Kenyans and give back to the community. Special thanks to the Chairlady Madam Glory Kiogora, Joseph Mutinda, Rosemary Mugambi, George Kimaro, Daniel and Damaries and the able investment Chairman Patrick Mwirigi.


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Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 11, 2014

Inside you is full of seeds of greatness

I am glad to confirm to you that you were well designed for success and for massive accomplishment in your life. You are specifically engineered for great success, yes, I mean it . Inside you is full of seeds of greatness. Wah! My advise for today;

My advise for today;

Plan your time – do not allow nature or circumstances to control you. Be in charge of yourself. Be the real you. Acquire new knowledge

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries July 4, 2014

Real Estate Opportunities in Kenya

Kenya as a Country is land of massive opportunities, it is destined for great progress, lately we have seen investors from Germany, China, Israel, Turkey and many other countries flocking to Kenya to Zero in on real estate Opportunities available. We as Kenyans need to open our eyes wide, see these opportunities and seize them. We have key real estate niches that one can pick and build a business empire like no other; These include:


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Book Launch Invite July 4, 2014

Soar Like An Eagle Memoir Launch Invite


I take this opportunity to humbly invite you for a fabulous book launch at Hilton Hotel on 8th August 2014 from 6.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Your presence will be highly appreciated!   As you may have noted on other media, all the proceeds for this book will be channeled to Charity focusing on Education support to needy Children.   During this event, Optiven Foundation will also be launched. Come ready to Eat, Dine and be thoroughly entertained. Secure your booking today by paying Dinner fees   as indicated on the card. You will also go home with a copy of the Book “Soaring Like an Eagle”. This book wills inspire you for the rest of your life. We shall also have a guest speaker who will motivate your life going forward. Yours SincerelyGeorge Wachiuri  Dinner Charges + Book copy =  Ksh 3,000  (  Payable by  Mpesa to 0722-260 357 )Deadline for payment 25th July 2014

Please fill in the form below to reserve a place

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 24, 2014

Kenya’s oil deposits can run her for 300 years

JUST HOW MUCH oil deposits could there be in Kenya ?

According to an analysis by the prospecting companies- Tullow oil and Africa oil of Canada- perhaps enough to run the country for 300 years. Or enough to run the US for 18 months. Bloomberg reported that the two oil drillers, who first discovered oil in Kenya’s rift valley basin only last year, now say the 450 KM long basin could hold 10 billion barrels- enough to run Kenya for 300 years!

Consequently, the oil

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Photo Gallery June 23, 2014

Delivering a Speech at KYEP Graduation Ceremony

I love the Zeal, determination and resilience of Kenyans . They have been able to listen to my presentation for two and half hours. LYP members, guests and fans . I value you greatly

Please Click on Thumbnail to see a larger photo


Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 23, 2014

How Nairobi can save Ksh 50 Million a day

It’s possible to save 50 million a day in Nairobi alone if these projects are implemented

Revamp the railway transport and adopt new stop overs Expand major roads Upgrade Nairobi Outer Ring roads ( 10 billion approved last year by ADB bank). We need to see work start. Eng. Kamau, we are waiting. This will open East lands in a big way. Property market will sky rocket, rentals will go up. New frontiers will open up such as Ruai, kbc, kantafu etc . No wonder property developers want a piece in Kangundo road. Get your piece at our project called Blessed Gardens check it on Lusaka road, enterprise road, Likoni roads , Ring road, quarry road are all going to be dual carriages. We thank European Union who gave us approximately 4 billion yesterday (17th June 2014).Our government will contribute 1.5 billion to make the project come to a success. Wah! What does this mean to business. We are going to see a boom. Our workers will be able to arrive to work early, we will see more productivity and more businesses along these highways. Definitely the average drive speed will go up currently, the speed for driving on cbd is 40km per hour. We may achieve higher speed. More savings on fuel and less theft of side mirrors as no slowing down on highways. If you are my fan take advantage and find out more opportunities in those areas.

Extention of General Waruingi road via Juja road to Thika Superhighway. There will be cycling paths, and foot paths. Lusaka and Mumias road will also be done. KeNHA has been allocated 1 billion to create additional lanes towards road junctions which is cheaper than over passes and flyovers. …KeNHA update your site so that we know which junctions are these. <p

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 23, 2014

What does the uptake of Eurobond in Kenya mean?

I am utterly amazed by the uptake of the Eurobond. As as Nation we were looking for 170 billion and the wealthy people in Europe and other countries are willing to loan us at an interest of 6 to 7 per cent per year a whooping 702 billion. This is a record in the whole of Africas history.

To my fans what does this mean in simple language

We have too much money out there for people to lend in low interest. Imagine 6 per cent when my company Optiven Ltd borrows at 19 to 20 per cent. Investors have seen opportunities in Kenya and they have a lot of confidence. They are able to see long term. They do not see mpeketoni or terror attacks as these are just speed bumps at the moment. I learnt this from Vimal Shah . A good lesson to my fans. ..Do not miss any investment opportunities because of the current situations or happenings. All these are coming to pass and Kenya will exist millions of years to come. Learn from foreign investors and also plan to invest. If you had planned to buy a value added plot log in and buy one. Refuse to be myopic. KENYA is strategic investment destination despite the security situation

Foreign investors have got faith in our currency. Just two days ago, EU gave Kenya 52 billion for infrastructure. They were

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 19, 2014

Choosing A Property For Medium & Long Term Investment

Property, your best investment choice. Property investment is planting your money and watching it grow. This in the only invest that you commit and go sleep and wake up richer.Remember there are two major types of property investment in Kenya:

  1. Long and Middle Term Investment: You can purchase property with a view of getting capital growth (This is any increase in the original amount you invested)if the property is sold for a gain
  2. Short Term Investment / Property development: Alternatively you can purchase property directly with a view to developing it and settling or either selling it for a good margin

Let us take you through Long and Middle Term Investment: Choosing a long term investment property is a completely different choosing a Property for immediate development. A long term investment in property

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 19, 2014

My Investment Property! Should I Sell Or Keep It?

Tough times come knocking without notice. What do i do? Should I sell my investment property or keep it? This is a question that most real estate investors face at some point in life. It can always be handled but first read this story (true story…)

“A property mentor of mine once talked about his battle with this decision which I found very interesting and very helpful. He was at a point

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Adverts June 13, 2014

Instalight Power Solutions- Power Your Power With Clean Energy

Power outages in Kenya have become a major problem. They come at a time when we are watching our favorite TV program. Your phone could have lost charge, hence you are not able to recharge, and maybe leading to missing that all important call. You may have carried work home to work on your laptop but you cannot complete it because the laptop battery has reached its critical level and gone off. With lights off, staying in the darkness for long can be very irritating

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries June 11, 2014

How to be happy

Happiness boils down to your outlook on life. It is also determined by the quality of your relationship and very basic amenities like good governance and good utilization of community resources. Happiness is never determined by the amount of money you have, properties that you own or investments that you own. How do you unlock the happiness with you?

Be Optimistic – be always grateful for the things that you have. Always view the glass half

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Mailing List May 30, 2014

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries May 30, 2014

How To Market Your Business With Little Or No Capital

Word of mouth – this is a very effective strategy as enjoy telling people what you do. It’s very important that in your 60 seconds introduction of yourself, mention what you do and tell people why they should give you business. Remember people do not buy products or services, they buy benefits. Do not sell hand bags sell lifestyles, Do not sell plots but sell investments. Just be creative and package what you are selling What’s

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries May 27, 2014

Businesses You Can Start With No or Little Capital

Online sales – use Google trader, Amazon. Com, olx etc  Independent sales person – distribute products on behalf, partner with manufactures or sell for commission Independent driver – be a driver for hire. Package yourself as top notch chauffeur and charge a premium. Car sales – use people’s money to facilitate imports, Sell on behalf or act as a link between the buyer and the seller Land agent – be a genuine agent and you will have an edge. Be known as the only honest broker in your are Computer expert – installing softwares, repaires and cleaning.

Website consultant – be the best website designer, give online support, help clients on goggle analytics and charge a fee Tutoring – look at youth counselling, proposal writing, business plans, Cv writing

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Investment, Advice and Commentaries May 23, 2014

Do it yourself and Work From Home

Good morning my great fans. Let us thank God for giving us yet another Day. This is a priceles gift.

Do it yourself – A friend of mine was sharing with me on how he started a TV Station called YOUTH TV.  He explained to me how in the the first one year he was the designer, producer, photographer, youth mobilizer, accountant and he was literally everything. He had difficulties but today his digital youth TV have got hundreds of followers. Yes, you can start something and do it yourself. I personally have done it and it works. I challenge you to start and you will see how creative you can be within you. In fact you are already a resource by yourself. You are a human capital so you have the capital right now. Make yourself flexible and turn your dreams into action, activities and eureka, you will be doing business transactions.

Work from home. Wah! You are asking, George HOW? Yes , it’s possible, where you sleep at night can be converted into an office during the day. You save on office rent, government licences since you already paid house rent. I remember I used to be a car agent and all what I required was Internet and a list of my friends

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