Soar Like an Eagle Memoir

Your success depend on your attitude towards life. You are able to be what you want. You have the capacity within you to be the best. You can be a person of great influence. You are the best God ever created. Read this book and your life will never be the same again. You will be extremely encouraged. It will make you change your perception about your own life…

The Book costs Ksh 1,000 at Tuskys Supermarkets or from the author at Optiven Ltd , Barclays Plaza, 14th Floor

The 100% proceeds of this book goes to charity(towards educating the poor children)


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0 #6 Nungari kimani 2016-10-25 19:10
I had a very intreasting day waiting I the lobby in a Kiambu office for the better part of the day.
For some reason I had grabbed the book thrown it in my bag. God knew i need it. I read the book so happily. It's a page turner laughing at mr. Wachiuri First was the snake then the cock. Poor child I mean it's unending drama. Painful drama at that.
The whole lobby in Kiambu asked about the book coz it made my wait so nice and enjoyable. Including the CS.
It's really touched my heart. It's truely an uplifting book and surely God blesses beyond what we think and he chooses whom. Thank God for mamas who cry to God for their children coz God doesn't forget them.
At one point I was certain your mums name was Hannah coz of giving you to the church like Sammuel. Hands down its beautiful.
Please book number 3.
Lovely. Nungari
0 #5 Dennis Gathee 2016-08-11 07:55
I've finished reading the book Soaring like an Eagle and won't give it to friends, they have to buy. I quote George who says that if anyone reads the book and doesn't cry, he should call and ask for a refund. Well, I didn't literally cry but tears kept forming, it is such a fascinating book. Good job.

Dennis Gathee
0 #4 Dr Jones Lukose 2015-10-10 14:53
I have just finished reading your inspiring book "Soaring like an Eagle" and surprised by some familiar experiences.

Like being in Campus around the same period, meeting our wives from the CU, marrying in Mid April, starting businesses in campus etc.

Thank you for sharing your life and helping change they way success is viewed and experienced.

God Bless,

0 #3 Robert Muchiri 2015-04-21 08:11
0 #2 Lucy Kiruthu 2015-02-27 02:18
Greetings George,

Glad I got a copy of your book! It is a great and inspiring read! Thank you for sharing your story and choosing to make your life an open book (as you say many choose not to).

Every Kenyan Child needs to read it, I believe it will be a game changer for a nephew of mine who lost his dad when he was in class 2 – he is now in class 8. Hope you are selling through schools. I hope to invite you to speak at my former school – Wamagana Pri Sch in Nyeri where I lead the alumni in giving back (it is one of the largest rural public schools in Kenya) . The annual prize giving day often held last week of January is the ideal event hence will target 2016.

God Bless you and Keep Well!

Best Regards,
Lucy Kiruthu
0 #1 Mama Ngare 2014-06-26 05:22
Thumbs up George and Mary!!

That is a powerful peace of work that you have done. It will inspire and empower everyone with a hearing ear. I am personnaly highly inspired. I got a heroine Mama George-Teresa Nyawira agreat woman who saw it all when the husband rested in the Lord, left with small children to bring them up and with no income at all. The story is hilarious!

It is wonderful to have such a mother, not forgetting Mary of course. They say ‘behind, or is it alongside every successful man, there is a woman.Mary Wacuka, you are there for your husband all the time.

Mary do not fail to inspire other women in the area of your influence. I took 1week to read the book. It’s very moving and I could not hold my tears from time to time. I have recommended it to all men and women, young and old.

Keep on!
Mama Ngare

Head of Ladies of Purpose
BIC Church, Nairobi



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The 100% proceeds of this book goes to charity(towards educating the poor children)
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