How Chamas Can Invest Together


  1. Agree on the investment methodology, strategy and stick on it -  Do not change goal posts in the middle of the investment journey
  2. Appoint a good leadership they will guide the group - Let the leadership have a term limit and they should have well written and agreed target of achievement during their term . I suggest three years term limit and preferably renewable on performance basis
  3. Think Long term and Act long term - It's dangerous to think quick fixes and having a hype of quick money as Chamas is not a lottery group. Patience pays at all times
  4. Have a very good investment vision - This is  with good focus and a great investment partner who can advise you. I have personally found myself guiding hundreds of Chamas in Australia, Kenya , United Kingdom, United States of America and South Africa. I have done numerous teleconferencing and some of these Chamas are now millionaires through partnering with Optiven Ltd 
  5. Keep members updated on investment undertaken -  As a leadership keep the hopes of members high. I do not advocate keeping funds in the account. You could purchase properties on installments. I once saw a great offer with Optiven Group where Chamas we paying as little as usd 200 per member to acquire value added properties within Nairobi environs .

George C.E.O Optiven Group, Chairman & Trustee - Optiven Foundation, Author, Donor, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Church Elder & Family Man

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Optiven woos Kenyans living in Canada to invest in Kenya

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