The Power of Sharing – One Million Entrepreneurs by the Year 2035


Creating One Million Entrepreneurs by the year 2035 movement is about sharing what Optiven Group has. Optiven Group means staff, customers and stakeholders. Sharing means split, divide, and apportion resources with others. Resources may mean the joys we have, time, assets, knowledge or liabilities. Sharing is caring. Let's talk about caring;

  1. It is the most powerful form of humanity
  2. It promotes positive growth for all
  3. Gives us a chance to prosper - Creating one million entrepreneurs will give a chance to many to move from good to greatTake a simple example where these one million entrepreneurs be like George Wachiuri who aspire to offer jobs to 150,000 people as at 2016. It means that the entrepreneurs could offer 150 * 1,000,000 = 15,000,000 jobs in Africa or beyond
  4. Giving means receiving more -  This principle works for all. I have personally seen Optiven Ltd  receiving big awards "Overall Winner of the mid-sized companies In Kenya. We attributed this to the countless giving we do through the Optiven Foundation where we have education scholarships awarded to orphans across the 47 counties in Kenya. It has worked for Optiven Group, it can work for you. Just do it.
  5. Sharing holds the promise of a strengthened society - It is through sharing that the less fortunate gain the meaning of life. We remember a guardian coming to our offices in Kenya. The lady was about 70 years and she confessed to have the most joyous moment when Optiven Foundation picked her orphaned grandchild for a full scholarship. We discovered later that the relatives reappeared when the boy kept shining at Maranda High School a National School in Kenya. Africa lets practice giving as long as we are alive. We should be wired to uplift others.
  6. Sharing connects and evolves us - Humanity is about relationships. We have seen very distant communities in Africa associating with Optiven group of companies. This has been as a result of our program "Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program". The more we share, the more we become better.
  7. Sharing makes others get to work -  When others get resources to make ends meet, it goes without saying that they become focused. We once mentored a young man of 23 years within a period of three years, he is mentoring other 10 young Turks.
  8. Sharing stimulates innovators and inspires future leaders - In Africa, we are all inspired by Equity wings to fly scholarship program and in Kenya by soaring Eagles scholarship program by Optiven Foundation

George C.E.O Optiven Group, Chairman & Trustee - Optiven Foundation, Author, Donor, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Church Elder & Family Man

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+1 #1 John Patrick 2016-08-02 20:17
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. –
Gautama Buddha-



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